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FINAL VOTE: 2020 Calendar Contest Finalists

Check out the 24-finalists selected by you, Truck Camper Magazine’s amazing readers.  From these 24, it’s time to vote your favorite 5 and determine the 2020 Calendar winners.  Get your votin’ on now!  Yee ha!

2020 Calendar Final Vote

From 660-entries, Truck Camper Magazine’s readers have chosen 24-finalists.  Now it’s time for the final vote; an all-out rootin’ tootin’ showdown between the best of the best.

You have exactly six days to pick your 5 favorite photos from these 24-finalists.  The winners of this vote will be the 13 (that’s 12-months plus one cover) 2020 Truck Camper Magazine Calendar Contest winners.

All 13 calendar winners will have their winning photograph and the story behind their photograph featured in the magazine.  The 13-winners will also receive a free 2020 Truck Camper Magazine Calendar.

And yes, the bragging rights for the 2020 winners will be absolutely epic!  If your spouse wins, stay at Uncle Eddie’s house for a few days until the brag-a-thon dies down.

Finalist voting starts now and ends Monday, November 4th at 12pm PST.  Here are the 24-finalists from the first calendar vote in numerical order:

Thank you for voting.  Click here for the 2020 Calendar Winners!

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#067 - Chris MarcoliniBlack Bear Pass, Colorado2017 Toyota Tacoma2016 Four Wheel Camper SwiftCamera Used - iPhone 6sMy wife and I were half way into a 10,000 mile trip when I took this photo.  Little did she know I was searching for some dangerous trails along our route.  As we were passing though Colorado I heard about Black Bear Pass and its reputation.Curious to put the truck and camper to the real test I decided that this pass will be the one.  The camper raised the sketch factor quite a bit with the higher center of gravity and the extra 1,200 pounds of payload.  But the little Tacoma handled it with ease.  On the other hand, the two of us were doubting our abilities to safely finish.  We were excited, nervous and a bit scared.  We may have just been the first truck camper to complete the infamous Black Bear Pass.  There was only one thing we could do afterwards; grab some craft beer!

#067 - Chris Marcolini

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#073 - Cindy WallisOutside Wahweep, Arizona2002 Ford F2502018 Lance 650Camera Used - iPhone 7We wanted to access a slot canyon we had heard about, so we ignored the signs warning of flash floods and an impassable road if it rained.  We thought sunny thoughts the whole way!

#073 - Cindy Wallis

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#080 - Rosemary and Irwyn DohertyEromanga, Queensland, Australia2007 VW Transporter2015 Lance 825Camera Used - iPhone 6We were traveling throughout western Queensland which is dry and arid country.  There is camping just about anywhere out there.

#080 - Rosemary Doherty

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#095 - Scott EllisBLM land north of Roundup, Montana2012 Chevy 35002019 Northern Lite 9-6QSECamera Used - iPhone XsWe've camped here for several years.  It's just a random patch of BLM land in south-central Montana.  Being able to camp in spots like this is exactly why we went back to a truck camper after a couple of trailers.

#095 - Scott Ellis

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#120 - Brenda and AJ DancerKennedale Speedway Park, Kennedale, Texas2018 GMC Sierra 3500HD2017 Capri RetreatCamera Used - iPhone XSThis was the first day of the IMCA Red River Modified Tour in May 2019. We had raced at Heart O' Texas Speedway in Elm Mott, Texas the night before and had to check everything on the car before the races that night at Kennedale Speedway Park. I was sitting in the car while AJ worked on the brakes.  In the Texas heat, we were able to go into our camper and cool off, which made everything so much better.

#120 - Brenda Dancer

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#146 - Evan Keeler-WolfKluane National Park, Yukon Territories2005 Dodge Ram 35002013 Outfitter CaribouCamera Used - Nikon D850It was my first night in the Yukon Territories after a thousand miles of fires in British Columbia.  I was greeted by a spectacular showing of the northern lights.  No, they did not charge my solar panels and yes, it was cold.  I climbed up on this small hill behind my camp and watched the show framed by a couple of scraggly black spruce trees.

#146 - Evan Keeler-Wolf

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#206 - Gabe LipchikPortage Lake in Portage, Alaska2016 Ram 15002006 Cache CamperCamera Used - iPhone 5Normally we would walk across the frozen Portage Lake back to the Portage Glacier this time of year.  Not so much in 2019.

#206 - Gabe Lipchik

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#242 - Jim DavisSoutheast Oregon2009 Toyota Tacoma2016 Four Wheel Camper FleetCamera Used - FujiFilm XT-2Southeast Oregon has some of the darkest skies in the inter-mountain west.  We had a new moon for our Labor Day trip and relatively non-smoky skies as the wildfires were almost non-existent this year.  We found a lovely mountain mahogany grove for one of our camps.  I could not resist the perfect alignment of the Milky Way with our campsite.

#242 - Jim Davis

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#246 - Edmund HaemmerleYellowstone, Wyoming2008 Ford F4502019 Eagle Cap 1165Camera Used - Nikon

#246 - Edmund Haemmerle

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#248 - Kami and Kevin GolembeskiCap-Egmont, Prince Edward Island2011 Ford F3502019 Northstar Igloo UCamera Used - iPhone 6Rosie the big brown truck and her 2019 Northstar Igloo, is home to Kevin and Kami Golembeski.After selling everything (businesses, house, car, furniture) we live a more simple and enriching life in our truck camper and have been traveling throughout the US and Canada for the last four months.  We had just driven across the bridge from New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island as storms started to blow in.  It made the drive across the bridge a bit scary and white knuckles on the steering wheel were necessary!We had heard about this lighthouse and noondocking spot through other full timers and decided to travel straight there.  It was cold, rainy, and very windy when we arrived.  After a quick walk around, we settled in to the truck camper for the evening.Just after dinner, as Kevin was practicing his banjo, there was a short break in the storm.  The sun shown a beautiful orange hue across the land and waters.  It lasted just a few moments which was just long enough to take a few photos.  We feel blessed to have witnessed such a special gift.

#248 - Kami Golembeski

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#277 - Julia BerryCordova Pass Road, Colorado2017 Ford F2502015 Adventurer 80GSCamera Used - PhoneThe road was much more difficult to pass than we anticipated.  We had been to the Apishipa Arch on our honeymoon and really wanted to see it again draped in Colorado Autumnal glory.  We learned some things about our camper like keeping an eye on tie-downs and finding out even though we know we latched some access doors does not mean they will stay that way.

#277 - Julia Berry

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#283 - Tim CostelloCrested Butte, Colorado2014 Ram 15002018 Capri CowboyCamera Used - Canon EOS RebelWe lost a good hunting buddy of mine last year and it inspired me to buy a truck camper and travel the country. My three entries are from my travels attributed to his memory. This picture from Crested Butte was taken on an incredible day of trout fishing as the Kokanee salmon were running the Gunnison River. It went from absolutely white out conditions to a beautiful day, this picture is of the latter. Enjoyed every minute of the trip.

#283 - Tim Costello

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#289 - Matt NelsonElk City, Oklahoma2017 Ram 35002007 Arctic Fox 990Camera Used - Pixel 3 XLAfter years of research and planning, I bought my truck and (new to me) truck camper in the spring of 2018.  I made my first cross country drive from Pennsylvania to Arizona in December 2018 to escape the snow for the winter.  On my drive, I was hunting for some Route 66 nostalgia.  I needed to make a stop for fuel and I stumbled across this Route 66 sign just after sunset in Elk City, Oklahoma.  This made a good spot to stretch my legs for a bit and pose the truck to get a cool picture commemorating my trip. 

#289 - Matt Nelson

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#309 - Kevin SpeicherYukon, Canada2014 Toyota Tundra2018 Four Wheel Camper HawkCamera Used - Nikon D850A glorious night under the auroras in the backcountry of Canada.  Photo taken September 2019.

#309 - Kevin Speicher

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#333 - Mike BottiGrand Teton National Park, Wyoming2005 Dodge 35002013 Arctic Fox 865Camera Used - iPhone

#333 - Mike Botti

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#353 - Richard KlepperNorth of Santa Fe, New Mexico2017 Ford F-3502016 Lance 975Camera Used - Samsung Cell PhoneWe were headed back home from Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico and took a detour through the mountains north of Santa Fe. We got stuck in a snowstorm and grabbed a site at the nearest open campground.

#353 - Richard Klepper

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#479 - Cindy CobbRidgway, Colorado2014 Ford 3502018 Lance 825Camera Used - Canon 55DI am from Wyoming but one of my favorite places to visit is Ridgway, Colorado. I have a friend that I has a nice place and he lets me plug my camper in near this gorgeous pond. The try to go several times a year but this beautiful morning was the best. What a great time to wake up, enjoy a cup of coffee and enjoy the view.

#479 - Cindy Cobb

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#523 - Kris CassidyCamp Verde, Arizona2016 Ford 3502018 Wolf Creek 840Camera Used - Canon Rebel sl1We had spent two glorious weeks at the Grand Canyon and were on our way to Mogollon Rim. The previous evening, our last at the Grand Canyon, we witnessed both rims joined by a rainbow. We found a place to boondock outside Camp Verde, and storm clouds produced first another rainbow and then this intense sunset.

#523 - Kris Cassidy

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#524 - Heiri HafnerGulkana Glacier, AlaskaFord F-350 20122020 Northern Lite 9.6SECamera Used - Phone

#524 - Heiri Hafner

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#580 - Shannon and Shawn JohnsonSea of Cortez, Baja California, Mexico2004 Chevrolet Silverado1998 Lance Squire Lite 195Camera Used - iPhone 8PlusThis photo was taken after a 9-hour drive from San Diego.  We drove down the Mex 5 highway, which had recently been damaged due to Hurricanes Rosa and Sergio.  After more than nine bridge washouts/detours, and miles of unpaved and under-construction roads, we were thrilled to pull in to the beachside campsite on the breathtakingly gorgeous Sea of Cortez.  And what a bonus to get there at sunset!  With our truck camper, there’s little to no setup, so we were able to just sit back, relax and enjoy the views!

#580 - Shannon Johnson

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#608 - Peter MasonInyo National Forest, Glass Mountain Trail, California2013 Ford F1502010 Four Wheel Camper Hawk ShellCamera Used - Nikon D810I enjoy visiting and photographing in California's Eastern Sierra which is quite busy during the summer months. After staying for a week in a developed Forest Service campground, I was looking for an out-of-the-way campsite to spend my last night. I found it by searching the topo map of the Inyo National Forest. This spot is miles from paved road and to my delight gets few visitors. The photo includes Jupiter to the right of the Milky Way, and there is a meteor, too.

#608 - Peter Mason

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#617 - Stefan CassaraVerdi, Calfornia2018 Ram 35002020 Lance 825Camera Used - Sony A7Riii

#617 - Stefan Cassara

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#644 - Aaron MacraeOregon2009 Ford F-150Phoenix Pop Up Camper Stealthy MiniCamera Used - Sony A7RiiWhen the going is good, you keep going. We had been traveling all over Oregon and were simply blown away by the landscape. It seemed so surreal how you could be on a snow-covered trail in the mountains and be headed for the sunny oceanside all in the same day. On this particular morning, we woke up in our truck camper after a heavy snowfall in the mountains, and thought it’d be the perfect day to going surfing on the coast. After a full day of surfing, we watched the sun fall behind the horizon and thought to ourselves that life could not get much better than this!

#644 - Aaron Macrae

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#646 - Aaron MacraeCalifornia2009 Ford F-150Phoenix Pop Up Camper Stealthy MiniCamera Used - Sony A7RiiOur truck camper and backroad destinations seem to be the perfect fit. Far away from any WIFI signal, we can always place ourselves in the most unique areas. We truly find this Phoenix Pop Up Camper has enabled us to sleep in some of the most incredible places on earth and we couldn’t be more grateful!

#646 - Aaron Macrae

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