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Announcing the 2022 TCM Calendar Contest Winners

It’s time to announce the 2022 TCM Calendar winners.  The First Vote narrowed 513 photos down to 24. The Final Vote narrowed the 24 finalists to just 13.  And the 13 winners are…

2022 Calendar WINNERS

In our Google Analytics, we can see that absolutely nobody reads the two introduction paragraphs to the Calendar Winners every year.  Everyone skips right past, scans the winners, and excitedly yells out, “I voted for that one!  And that one!”  Then they pause, grumble and bemoan, “Who voted for that one?  What were they thinking?”

How do we know this?  Because (a) Google Analytics and (b) we bugged your house.  We would never reveal that we bugged your house except that we know that you promptly skipped these two paragraphs.  Now, where were we?  Oh yeah…

2022 Truck Camper Magazine Calendar Winners

We are very excited to announce all 13 winners of the 2022 TCM Calendar Contest; 12-months plus 1 cover.  Who’s on the cover?   That will be revealed in two weeks when the calendar are available.  And the winners are…

#052 – Matt Breiter

2021 Ram 3500
2021 Palomino HS-2910

#077 – Colton Ziegler

Poison Creek Campground, Donnely, Idaho

Poison Creek Campground, Donnely, Idaho
2010 Ram 2500
2021 Capri Camper Retreat

#100 – Mike Tumchewics

Lake Koocanusa, British Columbia
2020 Ford F-350
2021 Cirrus 820

#112 – Kolin Smith

Virginia City, Montana
2019 Ram 1500
2021 Palomino SS-1251

#160 – Terrill Graham

Fishlake National Forest, Utah
2019 Toyota Tundra
2016 Four Wheel Camper Swift Shell

#299 – Scott Zeitler

Southern Utah
2015 Ram 2500
2019 Hallmark Guanella/K2

#351 – Ron Chandler

American Basin off Cinnamon Pass Road, Colorado
2021 Jeep Gladiator
2012 Phoenix Popup

#384 – Jonathan Williams

Kananaskis Provincial Park, Alberta
2014 Ford F-550
2021 Arctic Fox 1150

#395 – Gillian Holwerda

Heart’s Content, Newfoundland
2003 GMC Sierra 3500
1996 Bigfoot 25C96

#401 – Scott Gregson

Pahrump, Nevada
2018 RAM 3500
2019 Cirrus 920

#408 – Nolan Sturgeon

Crosby Canyon, Utah
2001 Ford F350
2015 Wolf Creek 850

#410 – Julia Truver

CC Gideon Tunnel, Hwy 16A Iron Mountain Rd, Keystone, South Dakota
2012 Ford F350
2018 Capri Retreat

#435 – Derek Hansen

Turnagain Arm, Alaska
2002 Ford F350
2004 Lance 1010


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