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Announcing the 2017 TCM Calendar Contest Winners

505 photographs were entered.  It’s time to announce the 13 winners of the 2017 Truck Camper Magazine Calendar Contest.  And the winners are…

2017 Calendar Contest Winners

We are very excited to announce the 13 winners of the 2017 Truck Camper Magazine Calendar Contest!  The 2017 TCM Calendar Contest Winners are presented in numerical order.  Scroll down to see the runners-up.

In a couple of weeks we will bring you the stories behind the winning photos and make the 2017 Truck Camper Magazine Calendar available.  Congratulations to the winners!

2017 Truck Camper Magazine Calendar Winners

#002 – Randy Ford

Randy Ford, Four Wheel Camper

Photo Location: Just off the Burr Trail, Capitol Reef National Park, Utah
Truck: 2000 Ford F150
Camper: 2014 Four Wheel Camper Hawk


#056 – David Jolly

David Jolly, Phoenix Custom Camper

Photo Location: Eleven Mile Reservoir, Guffey, Colorado
Truck: 2012 Toyota Tundra
Camper: 2009 Phoenix Truck Camper


#134 – Steve McKay

Steve McKay, Oakland Camper

Photo Location: Kekuli Bay Provincial Park, Vernon, British Columbia
Truck: 2009 GMC Sierra 2500HD
Camper: 1994 Oakland 911


#136 – Brett and Celina Binns

Brett and Celina Binns, Arctic Fox Camper

Photo Location: Louisbourg Lighthouse, Louisbourg, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
Truck: 2014 Ford F350
Camper: 2014 Arctic Fox 1150


#149 – Dan Daddieco

Dan Daddieco, Eagle Cap Camper

Photo Location: K-Country Highway 40, Alberta, Canada
Truck: 2015 Ram 3500
Camper: 2015 Eagle Cap 1165


#205 – Chuck and Jodie Ramsey

Chuck and Jodie Ramsey, Adventurer Camper

Photo Location: Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia
Truck: 2012 Chevy 3500
Camper: 2014 Adventurer 116DS


#214 – Peter Mason

Peter Mason, Four Wheel Camper

Photo Location: Alabama Hills, Lone Pine, California
Truck: 2013 Ford F150
Camper: 2010 Four Wheel Camper Hawk


#222 – Chris McKillican

Chris McKillican, Four Wheel Camper

Photo Location: Cariboo Region, British Columbia, Canada
Truck: 2013 Toyota Tacoma
Camper: 2007 Eagle Four Wheel Camper


#250 – Jim McCoy

Jim McCoy, Hallmark Camper

Photo Location: Hatch Point area, Canyonlands, Utah
Truck: 2003 Ram 2500
Camper: 1990 Hallmark LaVeta


#255 – Russell and Gretchen Berquam

Russell and Gretchen Berquam, Arctic Fox Camper

Photo Location: Capitol Reef National Park on the Burr Trail, Utah
Truck: 2014 Ford F350
Camper: 2015 Arctic Fox 1140


#347 – Rachel A Davis

Rachel A Davis, Nordstar Camper

Photo Location: Patvinsuo National Park, Finland
Truck: 2007 Ford Ranger Thunder
Camper: 2006 S.Karosser EC-6L


#348 – Kim and Bruce Scott

Kim and Bruce Scott, Northern Lite Camper

Photo Location: Mackinaw City, Michigan
Truck: 2006 Ford F350
Camper: 2005 Northern Lite 10-2


#369 – Scott and Lora Zeitler

Scott and Lora Zeitler, Hallmark Pop-Up Camper

Photo Location: Bolam Pass, San Juan Mountains, Colorado
Truck: 2013 Ram Power Wagon
Camper: 2011 Hallmark Ute

2017 Truck Camper Magazine Calendar Runners-Up

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#011 - Mark WhiteOuachita National Forest, Arkansas2011 Ford F2502005 Lance 845

#011 - Mark White

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#013 - Marjolein Heuff and Alex LansitieLago Arenal, Costa Rica2014 Ford F1502005 Four Wheel Grandby

#013 - Marjolein Heuff and Alex Lansitie

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#014 - Jeremy and Jason HaymoreValley of the Gods, Utah2015 Chevrolet 3500 and 2004 Ford F3502015 Four Wheel Camper Grandby and 1968 Siesta

#014 - Jeremy and Jason Haymore

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#017 - Harvey and Janice ChinTrona Pinnacles, Trona, California2013 Ford F1502013 Four Wheel Camper Hawk

#017 - Harvey and Janice Chin

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#023 - Fred and Nancy StanleyFour-wheeling the remote parts of Capitol Reef National Park, Utah2012 Ford F3502015 Northern 8'11

#023 - Fred and Nancy Stanley

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#154 - Nolan SturgeonWhite Rim Trail, Canyonlands National Park, Utah2001 Ford F3502015 Wolf Creek 850

#154 - Nolan Sturgeon

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#169 - Roland and Kate GoetzGrasslands National Park, Saskatchewan2008 Ford F3502016 Northern Lite 8’11” Queen SE

#169 - Roland and Kate Goetz

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Murlough Bay, County Antrim, Northern Ireland

#174 - Paul Kellagher

Show more
#186 - Todd and Theresa BakerCapitol Gorge Road, Capitol Reef National Park, Utah2014 Ram 35002010 Lance 992

#186 - Todd and Theresa Baker

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Lake Superior, Washburn, Wisconsin with Northern Lite Camper

#252 - Vic and Mary Price

Show more
Dublin Shore, Nova Scotia

#256 - Anne and Joe Brown

Show more
Laurel Lakes Trail, Mammoth Lakes, California

#274 - Dave Lowrance

Show more
Parque National Osorno in southern Chile

#284 - Joerg and Simone Rossberg

Show more
Buena Vista, Colorado

#289 - Chris and Melissa Thayer

Show more
Mono Lake Basin, California camping

#295 - Julie and Monte Hendricks

Show more
Road to mining town of Kirwin, Wyoming

#304 - Mike Diesburg

Show more
Pyramid Lake, Nevada, Four Wheel Camper

#401 - Jim Stimson

Show more
Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, California

#419 - Sue and Tom Schaaf

Show more
Scenery City of Rocks, Idaho

#449 - Anne Marie Lewis

Show more
East Cape, Baja California Sur

#453 - Natasha Scheuerman and Peter Bryan

Show more
Sunrise Monument Rocks, Kansas

#501 - Carl Devendorf

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