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2014 Truck Camper Magazine Calendar – Behind the Scenes

The 2014 Truck Camper Magazine Calendar winning photographs are even more stunning printed in full-color and high-resolution.  Read the amazing stories, and then order your copy!


It’s always a thrill to open up a new TCM Calendar and see how amazing the winning photographs look printed in high-resolution and full-color.  The electrons on our computer screens simply can’t do these incredible photographs justice.

We all but tackle the poor FedEx guy every year when he pulls up with the new calendar.  The box opens and the oohs and aahs begin with every month reveal.  This is how it goes down at TCM HQ year after year.  We love the calendars!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 2014 Truck Camper Magazine Calendar contest.  We were deeply inspired by your photography and can’t wait to visit some of the places you showed us.  Thank you!

COVER: Andrés Schiele and Astrid Rosas


Photo Location: Torres del Paine National Park, Chile
Truck: 2008 Dodge Ram 2500
Camper: 2011 Hallmark Guanella

“In southern Chile, right near the Magellan Strait, and within the lands of Chilean Patagonia, stands one of the most amazing places in the world, Torres del Paine National Park.  The park is paradise for intrepid climbers, idolized by nature lovers, and a stunning challenge for hikers looking for a beautiful landscape.

Torres del Paine National Park is one of the components of the National System of Protected Forested Areas of Chile and was created on May 13, 1959.  The park averages around 150,000 visitors a year, of which sixty percent are foreign tourists who come from all over the world.

The park is known worldwide for the massifs that give it its name.  The best-known and most spectacular summits are the three Towers of Paine; in Spanish, Torres del Paine.  They are gigantic granite monoliths shaped by the forces of glacial ice.  In addition to the Torres del Paine, the horns, Cuernos del Paine, are also part of the massif of the same name.

You can enjoy mountains, glaciers, lakes, and rivers in southern Chilean Patagonia.  Guanacos (a smaller cousin to the alpaca and llama), Rheas (large fast birds, like an ostrich), and Condors are just some of the local wildlife to be seen.  Torres del Paine National Park is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

The mountains of the Paine Range are obviously the main attraction of the park.  The park lies in a transition area between the Magellanic sub-polar forests and the Patagonian Steppes.

This area also receives some of the worst weather in the world.  The locals usually say that Patagonia is one place you could experience all four seasons in the same day, and the local joke is, “if you don’t like the weather just wait a minute”.  It can change that fast!

The exact location of our photo corresponds to the Paine River at the site of the old Weber bridge.  Actually, there is no bridge there because a new bridge was constructed close to it.  Looking at the background, you can see the mountains of the Paine Range and the famous Horns of Paine.  The photo was taken in March of 2013 on a sunny and zero wind day.  It was a perfect day to hike, take photos and enjoy of the peace you can find in this remote area of the world.

During our 100 days trip to Patagonia, we visited the park two times; first in January with some really windy days, and then in March when we had the best weather we could wish for.  We stayed at the park for seven days and enjoyed the good weather and hiking, especially the hike that took us eight hours to reach the base of the towers.

In the park there are camping facilities to spend the night.  There are also restaurants where you can enjoy the food and the wonderful scenery.

Without a doubt, it’s a remote and beautiful place where you don’t know what to expect from the weather, but it is worth the visit.  Truck campers are the perfect vehicle to tour the park and Patagonia.” – Andrés Schiele and Astrid Rosas

JANUARY: Carola Teixidó and Victor Millán


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