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What’s Your Truck Camper Magazine Story?

The best part of publishing Truck Camper Magazine is the incredible people we get to meet.  From truck camper rallies and gatherings, to campgrounds and remote boondock locations coast-to-coast, we have met thousands of Truck Camper Magazine readers and made many lasting friendships.  What an incredible privilege.

To help us celebrate 10 years of publishing, we wanted to reach out to you, our wonderful readers, and ask for your Truck Camper Magazine story.  Now that you’ve read our launch saga, we want to know how Truck Camper Magazine has affected your truck camping lifestyle.

This weekend’s question is, “How has Truck Camper Magazine impacted your truck camping lifestyle over the years?  What’s your Truck Camper Magazine story?”

Did Truck Camper Magazine inspire you to go truck camping for the first time, find the right truck camper for you, make a useful mod, or better maintain your camper?  How has TCM inspired or impacted your truck camping life?

Thank you for reading Truck Camper Magazine!  We’ll publish your Truck Camper Magazine stories next week.

Please fill out the form below to share your TCM story.

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