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Truck, Slide In, Pickup, Pop-Up, Cabover, or Piggyback Camper?

Dear Readers, we have an identity crisis.

This is much more than just a “toe-may-toe / toe-mah-toe” or “truck camp-pur / truck cam-pah” kind of thing.  

We’re talking the very name of the objects we put on the back of our trucks.  

Angela and I happen to call them truck campers, but they’re also commonly referred to as slide in campers, pickup campers, pop-up campers, cabover campers, camper shells, and even piggy back campers.

There may even be other names.  My grandmother always refers to our rig as a, “camper van”.  No matter how many times we say it’s a truck camper (what we call it), she says, “camper van”.

Like I said, we have identity crisis, even my own family.

So let’s set the record straight.  This week’s Question of the Week is, “What do you call the object on the back of your truck?”  If you have yet another name that we haven’t mentioned, like, “knucklehead camper” we’re all ears.


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