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Going the Truck Camping Distance: How Long is Too Far?

As a truck camping duo, Angela and I will often drive 500-600 miles in a day.  We’ll get up before dawn, and take turns driving every three to four hours.  We’ll stop for gas, potty breaks, and meal times – usually all at the same stops.  While one drives, the other works on Truck Camper Magazine.  During all of this, our cat Harley endlessly licks his paws, sleeps, naps, rests, and relaxes.  This is literally how we roll when we need to get somewhere.

The reason we endure these rather insane travel days is two fold.  We either have a limited time between engagements that are hundreds of miles apart, or we have a destination that’s a great distance away.  For example, we will drive from Pennsylvania to Florida in a day and from Pennsylvania to Colorado in three days.  On these cannonball runs, we almost always park for the night at Walmarts immediately off the highway.

To be clear, we do not enjoy these driving days.  Where it is fun to experience the difference in surroundings a day of driving can create, the experience is hard on the body, not to mention mind numbingly boring.  While we have Sirius satellite radio, a SDHC card full of MP3 music plugged into the truck stereo, and each other’s company, eight to ten hours of sitting in a truck gets old fast.  We would much prefer to slow down.  And that’s exactly what we do, once we arrive at our destinations.

This week’s Question of the Week is, “How far, and for how long, will you drive your truck camper rig in a given day?”  Do you set your sights on a distant spot and drive like crazy people – like us?  Or do you have a two hour driving rule, avoid the highways, and take it slow?

Bonus question: What do you do to make the miles go a little faster?  Maybe you also have satellite radio, or – like us – sing “100 articles of Truck Camper Magazine on the web?”  We want to know!

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