For those of you who are interested in off-road and off-the-grid travel, this section is for you. With a four-wheel drive truck, a properly set-up truck camper rig is capable of going just about anywhere.  Even if you are an extreme overland or expedition enthusiast, truck campers can take you where you want to go. That's why our tagline says, "Go Anywhere. Camp Anywhere".  These stories prove it.


2015 Milepost is Now Available
Kris Valencia, Editor of The Milepost, let us know that the 2015 Milepost is now available.  The Milepost is an absolute must for anyone considering going to Alaska.


17,223 Mile Trip of a Lifetime
Deb Herzfelt and her husband, Mike, share their 102 day, 17,223 mile adventure trip of a lifetime from Wisconsin to Alaska, and many amazing places in between.

Triple Slide to Alaska
To celebrate their 50th anniversary, and avoid the obligatory party, Gene and Donna Miller sold their Class A and set out for Alaska in a triple-slide Eagle Cap truck camper.

Pop-Up to Prudhoe Bay
Paul Schwenzfeier took a solo trip to Alaska in his Palomino B1200 looking for fishing opportunities, historic sites, and natural beauty.  Here’s what Paul actually found.


Top 10 Alaska
Mark Turnbull took his Four Wheel Camper Hawk on a 14,052 mile trip including two months in Alaska and the Yukon Territories.  Here are his top ten Alaska destinations.

Plan a Trip to Alaska

Mark Turnbull shares his trip planning, truck packing, rig modifying, tips and experiences from an incredible 14,052 mile, fifty-nine day, 1,131 gallon, emotional truck camping trip to Alaska.


Alaska on a Budget
Jerry Caldwell shares his top ten tips on exploring Alaska on a budget including how to save on food, fuel, camping, internet, and more.  Get your coupon book!

The Cannonball Alaska Run
Starting in Michigan, Matt and Cheryl Reinker set out in their Chevy 1500 and Northstar TC650 on a 8,872 mile, 21 day cannonball run to Alaska, and back.

Three Goldens to Alaska
This is the story of one Four Wheel Camper, two months, three Goldens, 13,500 miles, countless dog biscuits, and a dream to visit Alaska.

The MILEPOST Goes Truck Camping in Alaska and Canada
Kris Valencia, The MILEPOST’s Managing Editor, and Claire Torgerson, Assistant Editor, share their truck camping reports from Alaska to the Northwest Territories.

Skip Bosley’s Alaska: From Dream to Journey
Life long traveler and adventurer Skip Bosley shares his Alaskan dream, campfire stories, and ten tips for taking a truck camper to The Last Frontier.

Linda Hanney: Midnight Fishing In Alaska
Pack the fishing rods and coffee.  For part two of Alaska Week 2011, Linda Hanney goes combat fishing on the Kenai and Russian rivers.  Run salmon, run!

John and Linda Ross: Totally Hooked On Alaska
WARNING: This article is not suitable for anyone without a truck camper and may cause an immediate need to load your truck camper and go straight to Alaska.

Alaska to Panama from Germany
From their apartment in Munich, Iris and Michael Imwolde designed a 2012 Northstar Escape Pod 750 flatbed camper rig and planned a year long trip through the Americas.



Grand Teton National Park: Top 15 Bucket List
Six experienced truck campers reveal a list of must-see roads, trails, and attractions in Grand Teton National Park.  Warning: Stunning photography ahead.

Truck Camping in Utah
Professional photographer Michele Sprague takes us on a visual truck camping journey into Utah’s incredible national parks, state parks, BLM lands, and boondocking opportunities.  Discover the wonders of Utah.

Truck Camping in Eastern Canada
Lucien Langlois explores Labrador, Newfoundland, and Nova Scotia in his Lance truck camper.

Labrador and Newfoundland Adventure Tips
Ross and Anna Weber share their experiences and best recommendations for truck camping through Labrador and Newfoundland.  Look out!  Moose and icebergs ahead.

Ten-Thousand Miles Across Canada
Without a GPS or cell phone, the Webers set out in a 2013 Palomino Maverick M-6601 to explore Canada’s Northwestern wilderness.  It was their very first truck camping adventure.

From Down Under to the World Over
Gary and Liz Gray sold their motorhome in Europe, flew to the United States, bought a truck and camper, and explored America from coast-to-coast, Canada to Mexico, and beyond.

Yellowstone National Park Travel Tips

After visiting Yellowstone National Park eight times since 2005, Todd Rightsell gives us the inside scoop on the best features, campgrounds, and hikes this incredible park has to offer.

Top Shots in Yellowstone National Park
Todd Rightsell takes us on a photographic truck camping adventure through Yellowstone National Park including wildlife encounters, geothermal features, and some of the best hikes in the world.

Top Shots in Glacier National Park
Todd Rightsell braves bears and bad weather to bring us the best of Glacier National Park in pictures, hikes, drives, campgrounds, and boondocking.  Take us to the notch!

Top Shots Yosemite National Park
Todd Rightsell shares his list of top shots, top hikes, top drives, top campgrounds, and more top recommendations for truck camping in Yosemite National Park.

Top Shots in Grand Teton, Gros Ventre, and Teton Pass
Todd Rightsell shares his list of top shots, top hikes, top drives, top campgrounds, and more top recommendations for truck camping in Grand Teton, Gros Ventre Wilderness, and Teton Pass.

Top Shots in Rocky Mountain National Park
Todd Rightsell takes us 14,100 feet high, drives in the clouds, gets his goat, and captures an elk bull; picture that is.  It’s Top Shots RMNP style!  Don't miss Todd's Travel Tips.



THE MEXICO DARE of Truth and Truck Camping South of the Border

THE MEXICO DARE: Truth and Truck Camping South of the Border
Fresh back from another winter in Mexico, Paul Beddows cuts through the hysteria and tells us the latest we need to know about truck camping in Mexico.

Carpe Viam: Seize The Road
Chloé and Toby Conroy crossed into Mexico on November 21, 2013 in a Northstar TC650 truck camper rig.  They’ve been on the road, wandering south, ever since.



Truck Camping Travel in South America
Gary and Elizabeth Gray shipped their Travel Lite truck camper rig from Florida to Argentina to continue their exploration of the Americas.  Here are some important travel tips from their trip.

Custom Hallmark to Explore South America
Andres Schiele and Astrid Rosas ordered a custom Hallmark Guanella truck camper sight unseen for off-road and off-the-grid exploration of South America.  Don't miss Andres's mods.

Meg and Jed Wolfrom: Adventure Americas
Before settling down with a house and kids, Meg and Jed Wolfrom set out to explore Central and South America in their custom Phoenix truck camper.  Here’s their story, so far.

Pan American Highway by Pop up

Logan and Brianna Pribbeno: Pan-Am By Pop-Up
Here’s the plan; head south from San Francisco in a Palomino pop-up truck camper, get married in Costa Rica, and then explore Pan-American Highway for a year, or more.  Meet the Pribbenos!

Brad Christ: Central and South America
Brad Christ's adventure to Central and South America in a Chevy Kodiak and a Lance 1191.  Amazing story.



Off the Tar Seal in New Zealand
After discovering an Adventurer 76R slide in camper, Christopher Smith quickly sold his converted bus to explore New Zealand’s natural wonders, gravel roads, and occasional overgrown goat track.

Willem Stein: Truck Camping in New Zealand
This is a story about a truck camper that came ashore on an island in the south-western Pacific Ocean by way of Japan - and Denver, Colorado.  Welcome to New Zealand.



Allan Huntly: Truck Camping Over Scotland
Hang on, literally, for a beach side truck camping adventure with the family complete with a hang gliding flight over Bonnie Scotland.  Look out, Scotia below!

Bjarni Thor Olafsson: Truck Camping in Iceland
With his Travel Lite truck camper, Bjarni Thor explores the fjords, geysers, glaciers, and waterfalls of the 18th largest island in the world, Iceland.

Felix Agel: Truck Camping Through Europe
Felix Agel takes us boondocking through France, Spain, Greece, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, and Germany in an Adventurer 810WS truck camper he bought sight unseen.

Paul Kellagher: Truck Camping in Ireland
Add Ireland to your list of places to go truck camping! Paul Kellagher tells us about truck camping in Ireland, his European rig, snow-holing, and bivouacking!



How To Build A World Ready Rig - The Build
The Heimbigners prepare a Ford F550, Phoenix Custom Camper, 100 gallons of water, 130 gallons of diesel, and 8,000 pounds of toys and equipment for a shipping container.

How To Build A World Ready Rig - Can't Break This
The Heimbigners do their best to break their Phoenix Custom Camper and Ford F550 while testing a compost toilet, pushing their off-grid systems, and avoiding piranhas.

Earth by Motorcycle and Truck Camper
Mark and Anita Rytz of Switzerland share their incredible world travel by BMW motorcycle and Northstar truck camper.  First they sold everything.



The Furmans Take On the White Rim Trail

Bertram and Kare Furman report on their experience on the White Rim Trail with a Northstar TC800 pop-up truck camper.  Turn hard at Hardscrabble, gun the diesel, and don’t look down.

Jim McCoy Takes on Elephant Hill

Nobody embodies the Go Anywhere spirit of truck camping more than Jim McCoy.  With his Ram-Hallmark rig, he pushed the four-wheel drive limits in 2014.  Don’t miss his insane video.

The Overland Fuso Truck Camper
What happens when you put together a 2005 Mitsubishi Fuso FG140 four-wheel drive, four-cylinder diesel and a loaded 2007 Hallmark Ute XS?  Pure off-road madness and expedition beauty.

Just Another Knucklehead Enjoying Nature
With his Four Wheel Camper, multi-calendar winner, Suni Williams, surfs the beaches of Baja, conquers the White Rim Trail, and dares to take roads he knows not where they lead.

Building a Unimog Truck Camper Rig
Chris Cole, President of Campa USA, envisioned a flatbed Unimog U500NA with a Phoenix Custom Camper, and spent two years making it happen.

The Moki Dugway GoPro Video
There’s nothing like a steep two-way cliff-side gravel road with switchbacks and no guardrails to get the blood pumping.  Put this road on your bucket list, if you dare.


The Survivor Truck Bug Out Vehicle

Four Wheel Campers and Torklift International participate in one of the most outrageous uses of a truck camper ever conceived.  Doomsday doesn’t have a chance.

Ford Raptor Goes Further With Phoenix

Sam Deen takes his black 2011 Ford Raptor and 2012 Phoenix PULSE SC custom truck camper rig off-road in search of remote places, off-the-grid camping, and outdoor adventure.

An Ultimate Alaskan Camper Rig
After fire destroyed his first Alaskan Camper, Carl Isner went all out designing his new off-road ready Alaskan Camper and Dodge Ram 5500.  This is one extreme Alaskan.


Take On the Slot Canyons
Ted and Cheryl White take us deep into Capitol Reef National Park to tackle the world famous slot canyons.  Take off your pack, turn sideways, and squeeze through!

Guy Tokunaga: Living Large in an Alaskan Mini
Retired and ready to overland across the American West, Guy Tokunaga ordered a very custom 2011 Alaskan Mini for his Toyota Tacoma, and hit the road.

Frank Ross: A Journey Back In Time
Inspired by a 1957 issue of Desert Magazine, Frank Ross takes his Hallmark Milner past the pavement and into the ghost towns of Nevada, 100 years back in time...

Ted and Donna Treleven: Boondocking the American West
From Yosemite to Yellowstone to the Eastern Sierras and central Nevada, Ted and Donna Treleven explore the West in their Four Wheel Camper.

Chad Lancaster: AEV Jeep Brute and Four Wheel Camper Sparrow
A Jeep camper is the ultimate off-road camper and has been the stuff of dreams for many off-road and overland enthusiasts.  Chad Lancaster put dreams into action, and painted it red.

Bob Whitney: Off Road For the Birds
From California to Alaska, wildlife photographer Bob Whitney drives his Hallmark Cuchara deep into the wilderness in search of fowl play.

Jim McCoy: Off Road Truck Camping 101
Jim McCoy pushes his Hallmark LaVeta to the limit on the challenging off-road trails of Colorado and Utah. Now it’s your turn. Hold on.

Larry Wittman: Phoenix Rising On the Jeep Trails
With his custom Phoenix Camper and tricked out 1978 Chevrolet K10, Larry Wittman, Jr takes on the Jeep trails of Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and California. Don't miss his amazing off-road videos!

Cheryl White: Get Out and Move
It’s a wonderful wake up call to meet someone who challenges you to live a fuller life. By example, they prove that we can do more, and have more fun, if we just keep moving.

Frank Ross: Eleven Days In the Desert
Frank Ross takes his off-road camper, a Hallmark Milner LX, 2,300 miles exploring the desert in search of petroglyphs, old mines, and rock hounding. He found much, much more.

Bertram Furman: Anza Borrego Desert Adventures
Desert explorer and boondocker Bertram Furman shares advice and reflects on his experiences in Anza Borrego Desert State Park and other favorite camping spots.

Bill Caid: Mog Out
Step aside Dodge. Back up Ford. Forget about it Chevy. Don't even think about it Toyota. This is a job for a Unimog. Alaskan Camper included.

Frank Ross: Power Wagon on the Rocks
Frank Ross loves to take his 2006 Dodge Power Wagon and 2005 Hallmark Milner LX off-road, off-grid, and on the dirt, sand, and rocks. Jeep trails anyone? Yes, please!

Carl Isner: Off-Grid Gear Report
Carl Isner files a fresh report on the performance of the off-grid gear he's been auditioning in his flat-bed Alaskan Camper; the good, the bad, and the new.



How To Go Truck Camping On The Beach
Bob Gray on required beach equipment, beach driving, beach protocols, beach fishing, beach friends, and recommended post beach rig cleaning.  First tip: Zip Wax everything.

Beach Camping 101

Jim Duarte: Camping on Sandy Neck Beach
Jim and Patti Duarte take us truck camping off-road, off-the-grid, and onto the beaches of Cape Cod.  Time to air down to 14 PSI.  Deep sand ahead.

Jerry Rohan: Three Slides on the Sand
Jerry and Tina Rohan take their Chalet TS116 triple-slide truck camper on the beach for fishing, kayaking, and generally kicking back.  It’s a beach house, to go.

Beach Camping 101
Life long beach camper Mike Layton walks us through the basics of truck camping on the beach. It's time to air down, take it slow, and point the truck to the ocean waves.




Winter Truck Camping With Tom Watson
Look out Jack Frost!  We’re not going to let a little dark, cold, and snow scare us.  We’re truck campers and we can go anywhere, any season we want, even winter.

Patrick Brannan: Just Enough Food, Propane, and Beer
Trapped in a snow storm, Patrick Brannan survived for three days in his Northstar TC700. He had already won the truck camper lottery.



Overland Expo West: A Gathering of the Traveling Tribe
Former New York Times photojournalist and Avion C-10 truck camper restorer, D.Gorton, has photographed Fleetwood Mac, Brad Pitt, and Ronald Reagan.  This past May he captured the 6th annual Overland Expo.

Three Days of Overland Madness
We discover hot pink tape, top secret attendee testing, and 113 off-road and off-the-grid truck campers at Overland Expo 2013.  But first, we got pulled over.

Truck Campers Tackle the Off-Road Land Rover Course
Wheels spinning and teeter tottering off the ground, Hallmark RV, Four Wheel Campers, and Phoenix Custom Campers tackle the off-road Land Rover Overland Course at Overland Expo 2013.

Photos from Overland Expo 2013
Unimogs, Pickups, Jeeps, Pinzgauers, Land Rovers, Fusos, and many one-of-a-kind completely insane rigs are featured here.

Champions of Overland
This is the story of Roseann and Jonathan Hanson, two overland visionaries who saw an opportunity to bring their community together, and had the grit to make it happen.