In the Camper News section you’ll find the latest new truck camper announcements, truck camper gear announcements, and truck camper industry announcements. Most truck camper and truck camper gear manufacturers announce their new models and products right here in Truck Camper Magazine.



TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2016 Lance 650
Lance Campers launches an all-out assault on the hard-side, half-ton, short bed truck camper market with the all-new 2016 Lance 650.  Is that a tankless water heater?

TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2016 CampLite Announcements
Get ready for the most radical interior truck camper decor change we have ever seen.  Forget everything you think you know about CampLite interiors.  Are those real wood cabinets?

TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2016 Eagle Cap 1200
Adventurer Manufacturing debuts the 2016 Eagle Cap 1200, an all-new triple-slide luxury flagship with a huge dry bath, California King bed, and your choice of two theater-style recliners, or a sofa.

Palomino RV Launches Line-X Body Armor Editions
Palomino RV applies Line-X spray-on bed liner to the roof, sides, and underbody of a 2016 SS-550 pop-up truck camper and teases a possible future of protective truck camper coatings.

TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2016 Travel Lite Rayzr
Travel Lite cuts the cabover to create an entirely fresh truck camper product line.  Half-ton trucks, meet a hard side match that needs no payload apologies.

TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2016 Lance 1062
With a raised basement, wider interior floor, more windows, new pull-out tray, and a service center, Lance Campers launches the new 2016 Lance 1062.  It’s totally TME.

TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2016 Ford 8.6 and 6.8 Truck Campers
Livin Lite RV debuts the 2016 Ford 8.6 and 6.8 with windshield front nose caps, automotive paint exteriors, stitched interiors, and more.  Five additional Ford truck campers are coming in the Fall of 2015.

TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2016 Arctic Fox Announcements
Northwood Manufacturing announces a list of updates to their 2016 Arctic Fox truck camper line including power awnings, an improved convenience center, ambient lighting, and more.

TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2016 Adventurer Announcements
Adventurer Manufacturing debuts an industry-first power bunk and a long list of new standard features for 2016 Adventurer truck campers.  They also tease a new model.

TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2016 Eagle Cap Announcements
For 2016, Eagle Cap adds standard features, introduces new luxury touches, and turns on a sexy blue light.  Then they tease us with an all-new multi-slide dry bath model.

TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2016 Cirrus 800
Little Guy launches the 2016 Cirrus 800, a non-slide, hard side short bed truck camper with an opening front window, heated floors, seamless aluminum roof, Froli system, and much more.

Little Guy Announces Cirrus Truck Campers
Little Guy blows the doors off with an all-new truck camper line featuring an exhaustive list of cutting-edge innovations in design, materials, and appliances.  Introducing Cirrus.

TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2016 Travel Lite 625
Shut the tailgate!  Travel Lite introduces the 2016 Travel Lite 625, a 6’2” hard side non-slide for short or long bed trucks.  Go with a long bed, and get the bonus deck.

2015 CampLite Features Dual Twin Beds in 10.0 Model
TCM checks out a 2015 CampLite 10.0 featuring dual twin beds in the cabover, a convertible dinette, and a drop-down bunk over the dinette.

TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2016 Lance 975
Lance Campers debuts the 2016 Lance 975, a ten-foot, four-inch truck camper with a full-wall slide out and a dry bath.  Lance also teases a new short-bed half-ton model.

TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2016 Northern Lite 10-2 EX
With all-new larger clamshell fiberglass molds, a larger bathroom, and a laundry list of updates and improvements stem to stern, Northern Lite debuts the 2016 10-2 EX.

TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2016 Northstar 12STC
Rex Willett, President of Northstar Campers, announces the 12STC, a 12-foot, non-slide, non-basement, side-entry, dry bath truck camper.  Here’s how large truck camper design gets back to its roots.

Northern Lite Resumes Production
The new Northern Lite factory is complete and 2016 Northern Lite truck campers are on the production line and shipping.  After eleven months of rebuilding, Northern Lite is back!

TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2015 Lance 995
Lance Campers debuts the 2015 Lance 995, a nine-foot, full-wall slide-out camper with a wider floor, larger basement, and a radius cabover step.  Lance also teases the 975.

Ford Motor Company Announces Truck Camper
Ford Motor Company partners with Livin Lite RV to design and develop an all-new aluminum truck camper to match their all-new aluminum bodied 2015 Ford F150.

Northern Lite Recovery Report: Walls Up, Molds Done
Northern Lite nears completion of their brand new factory, unveils new fiberglass molds, and teases us with fresh details of the Northern Lite campers to debut late this Fall.

TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2015 Eagle Cap 960
Adventurer Manufacturing debuts the 2015 Eagle Cap 960, a long bed, hard side truck camper with a full-wall slide-out and a deep list of premium and luxury updates.

TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2015 Palomino RV Announcements
For 2015, Palomino RV didn’t stop at the windshield nose cap.  Check out their finessed floor plans, re-worked cabinetry, enhanced Next-Gen in-wall slide mechanisms, new table tops, and much more.

TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2015 Lance Camper Announcements
Lance Campers announces changes to its truck camper line for 2015, and introduces standard dual pane windows, new exterior graphics, and a list of upgrades and new options.

Palomino RV Debuts Windshield Nose Cap
Palomino RV debuts an all-new gelcoat fiberglass wrap-around front nose cap incorporating an industry-first automotive windshield and adhesive system.  Look out!  Here comes the future.

TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2015 CampLite 9.6S
CampLite announces a new floor plan that stretches the popular short bed 8.4S to the long bed 9.6S.  We take the opportunity to talk to Gary Peter, Designer and Engineer for CampLite.

TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2015 Eagle Cap Announcements

For 2015, every aspect of Eagle Cap truck campers has been re-examined.  Every material, appliance, and design element has been challenged.  Introducing the next generation of Eagle Cap.

TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2015 Eagle Cap 850
Adventurer Manufacturing debuts a significantly updated 2015 Eagle Cap 850.  A full-wall slide tops the list, followed by plenty of tweaks to make a popular camper even better.

TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2015 CampLite 8.4
TCM talks to Rick Barna of LivinLite to introduce the all-new 2015 CampLite 8.4, a hard side, short bed, slide-out truck camper made entirely from aluminum and composites.

TCM EXCLUSIVE: Northern Lite Will Rebuild
Keith Donkin, General Manager for Northern Lite, reveals the story behind the devastating Northern Lite fire in February, and the decision to rebuild.  Northern Lite is coming back!

TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2014 Wolf Creek 840
Donald Cochran, Director of Sales for Northwood Manufacturing, announces the 2014 Wolf Creek 840, a hard side, non-slide, wet bath truck camper for long or short bed trucks.

TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2014 Lance 1052
Lance Campers announces the brand new 2014 Lance 1052 double-slide dry bath truck camper featuring the optional Ultra Deck Plus rear bumper system.

Travel Lite Introduces the Illusion Series
Dustin Johns, President of Travel Lite, has long promised us an all-out assault on a state-of-the-art luxury truck camper.  Introducing the Travel Lite Illusion series.

TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2014 Palomino HS-2911

Palomino RV announces the 2014 Palomino HS-2911, a hard-side, double-slide, wet bath truck camper for long bed trucks.  Oh, and by the way, check out the Landing Pad.

TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2014 Adventurer 910DB
2014 Adventurer 910DB Adventurer Manufacturing announces the 2014 Adventurer 910DB, a nine-foot, hard-side, single-slide, dry bath truck camper for long bed trucks.  Check out the new Super U and California King.

TCM EXCLUSIVE: Arctic Fox Tall Contour Profile Cabover Nose
Just five weeks since making their 2014 Arctic Fox truck camper announcements in TCM, Northwood announces an all-new Tall Contour Profile front cabover nose.  We smell a story!

TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2014 Palomino RV Announcements
Palomino announces two new truck camper models and their most extensive list of pop-up truck camper updates ever.  Don’t miss the Rieco-Titan electric remote pop-up roof.  It’s fob-u-lous!

TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2014 Wolf Creek Announcements
Donald Cochran, Director of Sales for Northwood Manufacturing, announces an all-new 2014 Wolf Creek model and gives us the inside scoop on Wolf Creek’s 2014 truck camper updates.

TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2014 Adventurer 80RB
Adventurer Manufacturing introduces the 2014 Adventurer 80RB, an all-new hard-side, wet bath, truck camper designed for short or long bed trucks.

TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2014 Northern Lite Announcements
Northern Lite updates and refines their molded fiberglass truck camper line with a new all-aluminum folding bumper step, standard interior LED lighting, 95-watt solar panel systems, and more.

TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2014 Eagle Cap Announcements
For 2014, Eagle Cap has new model news, introduces frameless thermal pane windows, offers recliner theater seating, creates a D-shape dinette table, adds a Mystic color, and more.

TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2014 Arctic Fox Announcements

Northwood Manufacturing is stepping up the standard features in their 2014 Arctic Fox truck camper line including stainless steel appliances, a systems monitor command center, all-LED lighting, and more.

TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2014 Adventurer Announcements
For 2014, Adventurer makes big changes to its camper line-up, upgrades to the Lamilux 4000 exterior fiberglass, offers Heki skylights, goes to a seven-cubic foot refrigerator, and more.

TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2014 Adventurer 116DS Double Slide
Adventurer Manufacturing debuts the 2014 Adventurer 116DS, an all-new double-slide sofa camper with a rear kitchen slide, peninsula, and a California King bed.

NEW CAMPER: 2013 Travel Lite 770P Pop-Up
Travel Lite announces their new 2013 770P pop-up truck camper and talks about the new generation of Travel Lite pop-up truck campers.  Here’s Travel Lite’s latest soft side story.

NEW CAMPER: 2013 Palomino Maverick Max 2910
Palomino RV debuts a new flagship full-wall slide-out truck camper featuring a barrel roof and an Elite Package upgrade including solid surface countertops, mocha fiberglass, and much more.

TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2013 Adventurer 89RB
Based on the success of the Adventurer 86FB, Adventurer launches the all new 89RB non slide with a large rear wet bath and a more open floor plan.

TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2013 CampLite TC11
CampLite debuts the first 100% wood free, all aluminum and composite slide out truck camper on Earth.  It even has a dry bath with a separate shower room.

New Camper: 2013 Arctic Fox 996 Double Slide
Northwood Manufacturing added a kitchen slide-out to their most popular Arctic Fox 990 floor plan and created the 2013 Arctic Fox 996.  It’s an Arctic Fox double slide!

Adventurer Manufacturing Debuts Build Your Own Truck Camper System
You can now build and option Adventurer and Eagle Cap truck campers online with MSRP price, option weight, and wet weight information.  This is a game changer.

TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2013 Eagle Cap Announcements
For 2013, Eagle Cap has made mold changes, debuted new bumper systems, updated their interiors and exteriors, added bunks, reduced weight, and more.

TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2013 Adventurer Announcements
Adventurer is announcing the Super Step, 100% all-LED lighting inside and out, new Happijac camper jacks, a new door, new graphics, and new interiors.

TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2013 Lance Camper Announcements
Lance Camper has a long list of 2013 changes including a front nose cap, solid surface countertops, all-LED lighting, and the new 2013 Lance 1172 double slide.

NEW CAMPERS: 2012 CampLite 6.8 and 10.0
TCM talks to Scott Tuttle, President of LivinLite RV, about the 2012 CampLite 6.8 and 10.0 truck campers. Scott also talks about LizardSkin, Jeff Foxworthy, and a future slide-out model.

New Camper: 2012 Northstar Liberty
Truck Camper Magazine talks to Rex Willett, Vice President of Northstar Campers, about the new 2012 Northstar Liberty. Ford F-150 Eco-Boost, meet camper.

First Look: 2012 Eagle Cap 995
TCM checks out a 2012 Eagle Cap 995 at Five Star RV Center.  Lucky for us it was right next to a 2010 Eagle Cap.  It’s an old bird vs. new bird showdown!

TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2012 Northern Lite Sportsman Editions
Northern Lite surprises even Truck Camper Magazine with two new versions of their 9-6 and 8-11 molded fiberglass truck campers.  Introducing the Sportsman Editions.

First Look: 2012 Adventurer 86FB
TCM checks out a 2012 Adventurer 86FB at Five Star RV and talks to Greg Tucknies, National Sales Manager for Adventurer Manufacturing, about changes for 2012.

New Camper: 2012 Eagle Cap 1160
Greg Tucknies, Adventurer Manufacturing’s National Sales Manager, debuts the redesigned 2012 Eagle Cap 1160.  We also get the inside scoop on the Eagle Cap 950, 995, 1050, 1160, and 1165.

New Camper: 2012 Lance 855S
TCM talks to Gary Conley, National Sales Manger for Lance Campers, about the 2012 Lance 855S.  As he explains, the 855S is much more than just an 855 with a slide.

Heads Up: Northern Lite Raises the Roof
The foreheads of tall people everywhere can rejoice as the air conditioner in Northern Lite 10''2" CD Special Edition has been lifted up, up, and away.  The new camper molds are here!

TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2012 Travel Lite 770 Super Lite
Dustin Johns, Vice President of Travel Lite, introduces the 2012 Travel Lite Super Lite for half-ton trucks.  Then he drops a real surprise, the Travel Lite Black Diamond.

Eagle Cap is Back: On the Line and Out the Door
Greg Tucknies, Adventurer Manufacturing’s Sales and Marketing Manager, and Dave Frampton, Adventurer’s Product Development Manager, reveal Eagle Cap’s new nest and the first 2012 hatchlings.

New Camper: 2011 CampLite 8.5
TCM talks to Rick Barna, LivinLite RV’s Vice President of Dealer Relations, about their first self-contained all-aluminum and composite truck camper, the CampLite 8.5.

New Camper: 2012 Adventurer 86FB
Starting with a clean slate, the 2012 Adventurer 86FB is a completely fresh design for Adventurer.  We also welcome Greg Tucknies to the Adventurer team and wish Burk Morgan well in his future endeavors.

New Campers: 2011 Palomino Bronco Max and Maverick Max
TCM talks with Gene Cronin, Palomino''s National Sales Manager, about the 2011 Palomino Bronco Max and Maverick Max.  It’s Max to the Max!

New Campers: 2011 Lance 1050 and 1050S
TCM talks to Gary Conley, National Sales Manager for Lance Campers, about the 2011 Lance 1050 and 1050S.  It’s a floor plan that’s back, to the future.



Palomino RV Launches Line-X Body Armor Editions
Palomino RV applies Line-X spray-on bed liner to the roof, sides, and underbody of a 2016 SS-550 pop-up truck camper and teases a possible future of protective truck camper coatings.

TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2015 Alaskan 6.5
Alaskan Campers announces its first new floor plan in six years; a hard side pop-up for short bed trucks; the 2015 Alaskan 6.5.  It''s a leather sofa camper that sleeps four!

TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2015 Four Wheel Camper Announcements
Four Wheel Campers gives their 2015 pop-up camper line a list of upgrades including a skid guard camper base, new composite folding lift panels, and external lift struts.

Phoenix Flatbed Pops-Up and Slides-Out
Phoenix Custom Campers introduces the first pop-up, slide-out, flatbed, overland-ready sofa camper in history.  Did we mention it has a camper-to-truck pass-through?  And a custom aluminum storage bed?

TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2015 Northstar 650SC
For 2015, Northstar completely overhauls their popular 650SC, a self-contained short-bed pop-up truck camper for full-size trucks.  Then Northstar teases us about the biggest Northstar Camper, ever.

TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2014 Palomino SS-550
Palomino RV announces the all-new 2014 Palomino SS-550, a pop-up, north-south cabover truck camper designed for short bed, four-door, half-ton trucks.

TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2014 Hallmark EXC Expedition Camper
New for 2014, Hallmark RV debuts a lower price point, lighter weight, basic pop-up truck camper that lets you choose your own features and options.  Meet the EXC expedition camper.

TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2014 Palomino RV Announcements
Palomino announces two new truck camper models and their most extensive list of pop-up truck camper updates ever.  Don’t miss the Rieco-Titan electric remote pop-up roof.  It’s fob-u-lous!

2013 Four Wheel Camper Fleet Flatbed

Four Wheel Campers kicks the wheel wells on a Toyota Tacoma to create a flatbed self-contained Fleet model with a full-booth face-to-face dinette and side entry.

Hallmark RV Announces North-South Cabover Option

Your East-West spouse sleep maintaining maneuvers are about to become obsolete.  That’s right cabover crawlers, Hallmark has announced an all new North-South cabover option.  Time to go, right now!

The Ultimate Tailgating Camper: The Phoenix Bronco Bronco
This is what happens when you’re raised a Denver Broncos football fan and a custom camper manufacturer.  Introducing the Phoenix Bronco Bronco, a football party machine on wheels.

2013 Four Wheel Camper Announcements
FWC announces a list of changes for 2013 including a new pop-up liner, new Blue Sea Systems, new Silver Spur Edition, new counter tops, new composite lift, and more.

Hallmark RV Announces the World’s First All Composite Truck Camper
Hallmark RV announces the world’s first commercially available 100% composite truck camper.  No wood.  No aluminum.  Just lots of Coosa, Coosa, and more Coosa.

TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2012 Four Wheel Camper Fleet Self Contained
Tom Hanagan, President of Four Wheel Campers, debuts the first production self contained Four Wheel Camper complete with a shower.

TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2012 Phoenix PULSE Self Contained
Robby Rowe of Phoenix Campers tells us how he designed and built a fully self contained truck camper for mini trucks.  Pay attention Magnum!

2012 Four Wheel Camper Raven
Tom Hanagan, President of Four Wheel Campers, and Stan Kennedy, Sales Manager, debut the Raven and give us the skinny on new developments at FWC.

TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2012 Phoenix Geo-Den
Phoenix Campers says, “Off with the cabover” and launches the all-new 2012 Phoenix Geo-Den.  The questions is, do you want your Geo-Den in small, medium, or large?

2011 Ford Raptor Camper by Phoenix Campers
Robby Rowe, Co-Owner of Phoenix Campers, builds another remarkable custom pop-up camper for a 2011 Ford Raptor.  This is one lean mean desert cruising machine.

New Campers: 2011 Palomino Bronco Max and Maverick Max
TCM talks with Gene Cronin, Palomino''s National Sales Manager, about the 2011 Palomino Bronco Max and Maverick Max.  It’s Max to the Max!

Four Wheel Campers: New Roof and Big Move
Four Wheel Campers is not only announcing a new one-piece aluminum roof, but they’re also announcing a big move to a new factory.


HD VIDEO: New Six-Way Rieco-Titan Remote Control
Northwood Manufacturing produced a video demonstrating the new six-way Rieco-Titan jack remote control.  This new remote controls the power awning, slide-outs, and four corner jacks.

Hellwig Announces New Ford F150 and Toyota Tacoma Products
Hellwig Products has announced new suspension products for the aluminum-bodied 2015 Ford F150 and restyled 2016 Toyota Tacoma.  Don’t miss Mike’s Overland Expo story.

Torklift International Announces Pistol Grip FastGun Turnbuckles
In response to dealer and consumer feedback, Torklift International has developed a new ergonomic handle modeled after a pistol grip.  Don’t miss the video.

TCM EXCLUSIVE: Torklift International FastGun Wobble Stopper
Torklift International has married their proven FastGun technology with the Wobble Stopper camper stabilizer to create an all-new product; the FastGun Wobble Stopper.

Happijac Announces 4800 Heavy Duty Jack System
After updating their camper jack line in 2012, Happijac announces the 4800, a heavy duty jack with a forty-seven percent increase in capacity.  Multi-slide campers, meet your Happijac.

TCM EXCLUSIVE: Torklift International Talon Camper Tie Downs
Torklift International introduces aluminum truck camper tie-downs.  Less weight, rust free, but can the aluminum Talon handle the double and triple-slide big rigs?  Torklift International says they''re stronger than steel.

Torklift International Announces the Lock and Load
The latest Torklift International announcement is the Lock and Load.  In a nutshell, the product is a receiver hitch cargo tray that incorporates an adjustable security strap.  The primary function is for carrying portable generators, but it can be used for much more.

TCM EXCLUSIVE: SuperSprings Debuts SumoSpring Rebel
SuperSprings once again takes aim at traditional air bags with the new SumoSpring Rebel, a more versatile version of their successful leak-proof, rupture-proof, closed cell urethane suspension product.

Torklift International on the Ultra Deck Plus Bumper
Torklift International’s all-new Ultra Deck Plus bumper system for Lance Campers has been kept classified, confidential, restricted, secured, top secret, hush-hush, pinkie-sworn, and out of sight, until now.

Rieco-Titan on Palomino''s New Electric Lift System
Rieco-Titan partnered with Palomino RV to develop a new pop-up truck camper lift system with wireless key fob remote.  This is the story of how they made it happen.

Torklift International on Palomino RV''s Landing Pad Bumper
Torklift International is on a mission to make truck camper bumpers more capable, functional, and just plain old gotta-have-it desirable.  Introducing Palomino RV’s Landing Pad, by Torklift International.

Torklift International Announces SafeStep and DirtDestroyer
Torklift International debuts two new accessories for their popular GlowStep series of products, the Torklift International SafeStep and DirtDestroyer.

Windwalker Wind Generators
Jack and Crystal Wright of Free Spirit Energy introduce us to their Windwalker wind generators.

Torklift International Announces SuperHitch Hero
Torklift announces the SuperHitch Hero, an all-new hitch designed specifically for half-ton trucks.  They also tease the Lock and Load, and upper hitch accessories.

Hellwig Products Launches Toyota Tacoma Spring Pack

Hellwig Products debuts an all-new multi-leaf progressive spring pack for the Toyota Tacoma designed to improve and smooth the Tacoma’s performance loaded and unloaded.

NEW PRODUCT: Free Spirit Energy Wind Generators

Imagine having a power source trickle charge your camper batteries twenty four hours a day, for free.  Introducing Free Spirit Energy Windwalker wind generator systems for truck campers.

Torklift International Announces Three All New Products
Introducing the Torklift PowerArmor DH locking battery box, HiddenPower under bed auxiliary mount, and the Fortress GasLock.

Happijac Announces Next Generation Jacks
Happijac has updated their camper jacks with zinc plating, a new wiper, and higher tolerances for quieter and more corrosive resistant jacks.

The Avalauncher: A Rieco-Titan Cannon Blasts Alaska
Next time you use a remote controlled camper jack, imagine stabilizing a cannon and preparing to launch an explosive charge into a life-threatening snow bank.  Fire!

Torklift International Announces Basement Camper Step
The Basement Camper step is designed for basement model truck campers with a high entry step between the rear bumper and the entry door.

New Gear: Torklift Quick Disconnect StableLoad
Torklift International debuts the Quick Disconnect StableLoad, a product designed to engage your truck''s stock overload system.  Take this Torklift to your overloads.  And roll the video!

HD VIDEO: Hellwig Product Testing with SEMA
Hellwig Products lets a robot drive to test the Electronic Stability Control (ESC) in trucks modified with Hellwig suspension enhancement products.

Roadmaster InvisiBrake: Explained, Installed, and Tested
Follow Truck Camper Magazine Star Eric Williams as he gets a Roadmaster InvisiBrake installed and tests it with his Alaskan Camper and rock crawling Jeep rig.  It’s time to take a brake.

GEAR INSTALL: Hellwig Sway Bar
Hellwig team members Dave Wheeler and Justin Strasser install a Hellwig sway bar on our 1998 Dodge 3500 truck.  But first, our whole rig gets a lift.

TCM EXCLUSIVE: Introducing the Torklift SuperHitch Everest
Torklift International debuts the SuperHitch Everest, a weight distribution system with a 20,000 pound capacity rating.  Once again Torklift redefines what it means to tow anything.

GEAR NEWS: Torklift SpringLoad XL
Torklift International debuts a new square case and aluminum turnbuckle, the SpringLoad XL.  Think turnbuckles are boring?  Torklift wants your attention.

NEW GEAR: Torklift WobbL-Stoppr
Torklift International debuts a product to stabilize a camper off the truck.  As the saying goes, if the camper’s a rockin’, get a WobbL-Stoppr!  Don''t be swayed.  Stop the rock!



2017 Ford Super Duty Trucks Announced
Ford announces the all-new 2017 Ford Super Duty trucks featuring all-new all-aluminum bodies, all-new high-strength steel boxed frame, and some potentially game changing specs and tech.

TCM Reader Follows 2015 GMC Sierra Truck Build At GM Plant
TCM readers, Ken and Donna Pastorius, have been featured in a new GM video showing their tour of the GM Flint Assembly plant.  Ken and Donna watched as their 2015 GMC Sierra 3500HD Denali was built on the GM production line.  As you will see, Ken even got to participate in the build of his new truck.

2014 Ram 3500 Experience Update
After 6,610 miles including flat highways, rolling hills, and Colorado mountain passes, Truck Camper Magazine gets a hand-calculated reality check on their 2014 Ram 3500 and 6.4L HEMI.

TCM Debuts 2014 Ram 3500
Truck Camper Magazine reveals its new truck, a 2014 Ram 3500 SLT.  Here’s why we chose Ram, decided on a new engine, and selected a very specific configuration.

TCM Debuts 2013 Chevy Silverado 3500
How we selected our new 2013 truck including brand, gas versus diesel, long bed versus short, extended cab versus crew, and much, much more.

2014 Chevy Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500 Revealed

Truck Camper Magazine reports from Detroit, Michigan on the all new 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500 and 2014 GMC Sierra 1500.  GM says the weather is about to change.