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2017 Roadmaster Accessories
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Combo Kits – MSRP varies
Roadmaster’s Combo Kits come with all the necessary accessories you need, matched to your Roadmaster tow bar.

Roadmaster Combo Kit 2017

Roadmaster Combo Kits are available for all their tow bars: the StowMaster, Falcon, BlackHawk 2 and Sterling All-Terrain.  Contents vary, but generally each kit includes a wiring kit with four Hy-Power diodes, a power cord to connect the vehicles with a seven-wire plug for the motorhome (attached) and socket, a bracket to mount the power cord socket, a pair of safety cables, two case-hardened steel padlocks that are keyed alike, a marine-grade vinyl cover to protect the tow bar and a marine-grade storage bag for towing accessories.  Roadmaster Combo Kits come with a one year warranty.

Safety Cables – MSRP varies
Required by law, Roadmaster’s safety cables connect the towed vehicle to the towing vehicle. They are a secondary safety device to hold the vehicles together if the towing system separates for any reason.

Roadmaster-646-safety-cables Roadmaster-653-safety-cables Roadmaster-655-safety-cables

Roadmaster’s safety cables come in different types and lengths.  They are made from aircraft-type galvanized steel. The safety cables come fitted with heavy-duty, drop-forged steel hooks with spring-loaded latches. A vinyl coating prevents the cables from scratching or chipping the tow bar. Each kit contains two cables, snap hooks, and two quick links. The cables, snap hooks and quick links are rated at 6,000, 8,000 or 10,000 pound capacities depending on the cable you choose. Roadmaster safety cables have a one year warranty.

Tow Bar Covers – MSRP varies
Roadmaster’s tow bar covers protect your tow bars from dirt and road grime when they are not in use.

roadmaster-2014-Car-mounted-towbar-cover roadmaster-2014-tow-bar-cover 1-blank

Roadmaster’s tow bar covers are made of heavy-duty marine-grade black vinyl.  These covers are hand crafted at the Roadmaster factory.  Each of these car wash safe covers will help keep your tow bar and mounting brackets free of dirt and road grime when not in use, ensuring smooth and easy tow bar operation.  Roadmaster tow bar covers have a one year warranty.

Voom RV Cleaner – MSRP $7 for 32 ounce bottle, $15 for 1 gallon
Roadmaster’s Voom RV cleaner can be used on interior and exterior surfaces of your truck camper.

RM-Voom RM_Voom_gallon RM-Voom_Logo

Voom RV is an all-purpose cleaner that’s safe for all surfaces not harmed by water. And it’s safe for the planet — Voom RV is biodegradable and contains no petroleum distillates.  It’s great for around the home too!  Voom RV Cleaner can be used at full strength or diluted with water.  Exterior uses include aluminum, awnings, black streaks, chrome, bug stains, painted surfaces, rubber, rubber roofs, screens, tar, wheels and more.  Interior uses include appliances, carpets, counter tops, fiberglass, grease, hard water stains, mold and mildew, pet stains, spot cleaning, tubs, toilets, upholstery and more.  Voom RV Cleaner comes in three sizes; a 55 gallon drum, one gallon, and 32-oz. spray.

All information and photographs were provided by Roadmaster, Inc.

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