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“Why put it away?  Winterize and keep going!  Winter is no excuse to stop camping.” – Carl and Donna Isner


“We leave our camper in the lee of the house, shielded from storm winds and driving rain and snow by the house and a row of large pine trees.  We would love to have a shelter, but it’s too expensive to build compared to the price of the camper.  Covers seem to have a lot to be desired, and tarps seem to be a no-no. 

I just got eight pallets from the local lumber yard, (no problem to haul with the truck) and slid them under the camper.  I let the jacks down on six inch blocks and the pallets share most of the weight.  The jacks provide stabilization.  It’s nothing fancy, but it’s free and the whole bottom of the camper is supported.  An article on pros and cons of covers of different types would be nice.  A very timely subject by the way.  You two do a good job.” – Yuetsinmoon

“Why store my camper when I can use it throughout the winter?  I use the camper year round including the winter to get away from everything.  I like the sound of rain on the roof.  The camper is next to my house and plugged into the house (shore) power.  The only thing that I do differently is to run a dehumidifier throughout the winter.  The dehumidifier removes excess moisture and has the added benefit of slightly heating the inside of the camper.  I’ve never had an issue with freezing pipes but it rarely gets below thirty degrees in the gold country of California.  My advice to all is to use it and not store it.” – Steve Cilenti, California

“I store my Northstar Laredo inside, unheated garage, with a concrete floor.  It is on its jacks with four sawhorses to stabilize it.  It still looks like new after three years.” – Stanley Johnson

“We put in a gravel pad at the edge of our land just for the camper.  Setbacks due to a resource protection zone do not allow a building there.  The camper is covered with an old ADCO cover on the nose end and a green tarp on the aft.  Six ton jacks are set at each corner of the camper base. Two by fours run between the jack pairs.  Our Reico jacks are also extended.  It worked great last year.” – Joe Brown


“Our truck is primarily used for hauling the camper so we leave the camper on the truck year round.  It stays parked in the driveway.  The truck camper is also our Family Emergency Vehicle (FEV) so it makes sense to leave the camper on the truck, ready to go.” – Greg Milburn, Wyoming

“We always store our camper on extra heavy duty saw horses to take weight and strain from the jacks.  We have a side driveway that is out of view from the street where we always park our truck camper all year long.  We have never covered or parked under any type of awning because we had purchased an older camper.  If we where to buy new, we will purchase a canopy or carport for added protection.” – Paulette McCarron


“I store my truck camper inside my heated shop/garage on a home made dolly.  I made the dolly from two 4’x8′ sheets of 1/2″ plywood and several 2″x6″ boards framed on 16” centers.  I bolted on four heavy duty steel casters for moving it around the shop.  I actually store the camper inside my shop, either on the truck or on the dolly, whenever we are not out camping with it. 

I have a 10′ ceiling in my shop so I can raise the top while it’s stored.  It works well.  I just drive the truck with camper into my shop, bolt the corner jacks on (I usually travel without the corner jacks), off load the camper, drive the truck out, maneuver the dolly under the camper, and lower the camper down onto the dolly. I then roll it off to a, hopefully, empty corner of my shop.  I give it a good cleaning inside and out, apply some “303” protectant, and, if I’m doing some dust producing work in the shop like sawing wood, I have an over sized car cover that I can drape over the camper to keep the dust off.  This keeps it clean and ready for the next trip.” – Buzz Merchlewitz, Tennessee


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