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Tow a Boat With Your Truck Camper?

According to our 2015 reader survey, 42.36% of Truck Camper Magazine readers tow a boat with their truck camper rigs.  In fact, our readers tow boats more than any other towable toy.

The next most popular towable category is off-road vehicles and ATVs at 26.9%.  When it comes to toys truck campers tow, it’s not even close.  Towable boats rule.

Many readers have actually told us that boating was the reason they got into truck camping.  A few even lived on boats prior to truck camping, and then gravitated to a truck camper because it reminded them of the lifestyle of boating.

This week’s Question of the Week is, “Do you tow a boat with your truck camper rig?”

We’re interested in the type of boat you tow, and how you tow it.  We’re also very interested in what you do with your towable boat.

Do you just pleasure cruise, or are you tournament fishing?  Maybe you take the family jet skiing, or SCUBA dive for lost treasures.  Tell us about your towable boat, and what you do with it.


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