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TCM Scavenger Hunt Winners Announced

To celebrate the introduction of our new T-shirt, “It’s a Truck Camparrr!” we came up with a virtual twist on an old school scavenger hunt.  The challenge was to use five clues and locate five gold treasure tokens hidden somewhere within hundreds of Truck Camper Magazine articles.

To win, participants had to find and claim the gold tokens before a fellow pirate did.  The first person to find and claim a gold token would win a TCM T-shirt of their choosing.

It’s time to reveal the winners, and the hidden article locations.

Clue 1: This is what happens when you drive off-the-grid and forget to check the weather forecast, or tell anyone where you were going.  Glug, glug, glug… Burp!  What TCM article am I?

Answer: Just Enough Good, Propane, and Beer

WINNER: Congratulations, Michael Roth!  You just won a TCM T-shirt!

Winter Camping Running Out of Supplies


Clue 2: Beep! Beep! Dig. Dig. Treasure!  What TCM article am I?

Answer: Two Whites Go Treasure Camping

WINNER: Congratulations, Steve Schons!  You just won a TCM T-shirt!

Whites Go Treasure Camping


Clue 3: He took his job and shoved off to retired truck camping adventure, twenty-five years ago.  What TCM article am I?

Answer: Retire Young and Have Fun

WINNER: Congratulations, Lisa Kent!  You just won a TCM T-shirt!



Clue 4: Shhh! Pass the cat through the pass-through.  What TCM article am I?

Answer: Northstar To Nasa – Kennedy Space Center

WINNER: Congratulations, John Wells!  You just won a TCM T-shirt!

Kennedy Space Center Experience at NASA


Clue 5: How many mods would a stuffed moose mod if a stuffed moose could make mods?  What TCM article am I?

Answer: 2014 Top Mod Contest Level 2: Part 1

WINNER: Congratulations, Jeff Longacre!  You just won a TCM T-shirt!


Thank you to everyone who participated!  We had a blast coming up with this scavenger hunt and were very excited to see that our readers enjoyed it too.

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