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If your truck was suddenly swallowed whole by a freak sinkhole, what pickup would you buy to replace it? Would you buy the exact same truck, or would you go for a different make, model, and configuration? Welcome to the seventh bi-annual TCM Dream Truck Survey!

2024 Dream Truck Survey


Trucks don’t last forever. We have already lost two; one to old age and diesel tech neglect, and another to a T-boning Toyota in Oregon. These losses are painful, expensive, and a fact of truck camper life.

On the flip side, tragic truck occurrences are often an opportunity to get a new or new-to-you truck. You could get the exact (or nearly exact) truck you had. We did that after our Camry encounter. Or you could switch make, model, and configuration entirely; change from a Ram to a Chevy, dually to a single rear wheel, or diesel to a gas. We did that after our beloved 12-valve Cummins croaked.

The question is, what truck would you get for a truck camper if you bought a truck today?

Time To Choose Your Next Truck

Welcome to the seventh bi-annual TCM Dream Truck Survey!

Since 2021, segments of the truck camper industry have moved toward campers designed for mid-size trucks. For this reason, we have added three mid-size truck questions to the survey. Is the industry shift to mid-size trucks warranted? Your answers will tell the tale.

Finally, we revamped our electric truck questions. Electric models that have debuted in the past two years have been added, and companies that have failed have been removed. Has our community shifted its stance on electric trucks in the past two years? It’s time to find out.


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