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Pop-Up Comments: 2016 Ultimate Camper Survey

Ladder for easier access to cabover

The dinette area subs as extra bed, low door window, downward aimed outside lights to light your camp, not your neighbors, segmented fold-up porch or landing.

Enough clearance to access the bathroom when the top is locked

Radiant wave heater

Insulated soft walls and hot water heat

The overcab escape hatch also should be a skylight positioned toward the front for star gazing

Air conditioner choices like window, roof top, external, etc.

Aerodynamic front nose, not square like so many available right now.

I would like it to be better built with pride in craftsmanship and better supported ceiling and walls with wood (not just sheet-foam).

Must be usable for up to 6’4″

Something on the outside under bed to split the wind

You didn’t offer the option of a composting toilet

The camper needs to have ability to use it off the truck

I would like a two-burner induction cooktop

Please have the option of insulated canvas tent material.  There are many people that use these for winter camping, and need at least a R6 rating.  I want the ability to fold down the top without manually tucking in the tent fabric.  Build the campers strong enough to use them while they are off the truck and on the jacks.  I want all this in a short bed version not more than 8.5-feet in floor length.

The manufacturer should design a good air deflector to reduce wind noise and buffeting from the cab overhang.  I built my own, but they should be able to do it better.

TempurPedic mattress

I like light colors on the cabinets/countertops, but medium to dark colors on the cushions where dirt would show more

I want a king-size bed, and a composting toilet

A fully self-contained wet bath pop-up truck camper that, wet and loaded, can be matched with a half-ton truck.

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