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Pop-Up Comments: 2016 Ultimate Camper Survey

True four season camper

Full size door

A battery disconnect switch and a 2” to 3″ wider door.  Otherwise, our Northstar 850SC is pretty much perfect

Well built at a low price

Neither slide nor crank windows, rather, pivoting from the top.  I would like a design similar to the Hallmark, but with the double fiberglass one piece shell of an Oliver travel trailer.  Remember to add condensation drain portals and stainless steel fixtures throughout like Oliver does.  Even the water heater doors should be stainless steel.  Another very important item is the roof.  It seems no one wants to build a thick lifetime roof that has enough insulation to reduce the sound of a heavy rain or the rooftop air conditioner unit.  And the air conditioner units are way too loud.  More insulation plus improved technology for the air conditioner units themselves that run quieter.  Also, definitely a one piece roof and preferably a fiberglass shell.  It seems like there should be a stamping process that could be utilized in building the fiberglass shell so to be able to reduce the cost (labor of building the fiberglass).  I could go on.

Side storage for north-south bed.  How about a small U-dinette slide out?  Keep it affordable.

Air conditioning, a step to get to the bed easier, kayak rack on top.

Boat rack

Aerodynamic for better miles per gallon

Winter package

Battery disconnect exterior power outlets (110 and 12v)

An outside propane connection to use 20-pound tanks with Coleman-style camp stoves and lanterns.

A large escape hatch in the cabover that a person with limited mobility can use.

Alde combined hot water/convection heating system.  Built in cell phone booster.  We’re in process of designing our next camper and it will be a flat bed.  Would like more customization from manufacturers.

Insure the camper fits trucks beds so we don’t have to raise the to clear the cab of the truck.

Full size entry door

Composite roof

No hanging curtains.  Instead install roll up cloth window covers with Velcro strips to hold covers up.  Absolutely no valances.

Instead of a heater, how about a S.S. tent stove/sheep herder stove.

Rear camera and a larger cab to camper pass through with weather collar.

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