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2013 TCM Reader Survey: Things You Would Like Changed

With 949 responses, we were unable to post every comment (totaling well over fifty pages for like and change), but we have read every comment and have made detailed notes on what you want changed.

Here are some of the stand out, “Things You Would Like Changed” comments from the 2013 TCM Reader Survey:

I watch your web site every day even though you publish new articles on Tuesday and Friday.  I could take more articles.  Thanks for what you do.

Part of me would like to post comments/questions about articles in TCM, so it shows up under the article.  The other part of me does not want to read the dumb things that others might write.  Not sure if there is middle ground.  Also, I would like to learn about other truck camper gear, even if it is not a sponsor of TCM.  It feels like there is a TCM bias toward sponsored campers/equipment.  I would like to see more How To articles, best practices (loading your camper, packing, storing, items to bring), tips and tricks, repairs, etc.  It would be helpful to know things that others do that I may not know about.

I really enjoy receiving your emails and read most of them.  I would like more articles about travels that people have made.  That would appeal to us.

Find a few more people to interview like Mr. McCoy in Colorado.  I am planning a trip to Nevada this spring to follow, the best I can, the route of a desert prospector that wrote a book about his time in the desert.  Perhaps you might be interested in that when I complete it.

My comment last year was more content about truck manufacturers (Ford, Chevy, Dodge) and you have done a great job of that the past twelve months.  Thanks for listening!  For the next twelve months I would like more stories on truck camping extended trips that readers have taken in Mexico, South America, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

More photos of setups and add ons and retirement stories since I am close to that scenario.  Please keep up the good work.  By the way, how is the 855S going?

An article on how to repair truck campers.  Mine has severe rot on both wings, below the propane tanks, and under fridge area.

I hesitate to make any suggestions because there is a reason you are doing this and I am not.  If I were so smart as to be telling you how to run your business, I could do it myself.  Thanks for your work.

I would enjoy seeing information about general camping gear and weekly stories by readers of travel ideas.

More articles and more lifestyle stories.  Just more good stuff!

More truck camper testing.

More ‘best mods’ and articles like the flat bed truck camper.

I would be interested in more articles about upgrades to the trucks, performance upgrades, solar, wind, and boondocking.

Now that we have a camper, we’d like to hear about what people have experienced in adding televisions, DVD players, etc.  What brands they purchased and installation steps.

More newbie stuff.

Have a quarterly or monthly published magazine.

Have it in print form and mailed to my house.  Then I would actually read it.

More user articles on ideas about how to make the camper more useable (storage solutions, menu planning that minimizes the amount of storage space needed and weight added to load, etc.), things they like and don’t like about their rigs and so on.

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