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2013 TCM Reader Survey: Things You Like

With 949 responses, we were unable to post every comment (totaling well over fifty pages for like and change), but we have read every comment and have made detailed notes on what you like about TCM.

Here are some of the stand out, “Things You Like” comments from the 2013 Truck Camper Magazine Reader Survey:

To this day, I don’t recall how I stumbled onto your site.  I think it may have been from another RV site.  We had a fifth wheel at the time.  You made an excellent case for why a truck camper made sense from an ecological and versatility point of view.  Your Newbie Page helped us make wise decisions about our first unit.  The lifestyle stories and interviews allowed us to capture a dream to travel and work in tandem.  The reviews and shortcuts to manufacturers websites are helping us plan our next camper purchase.  We also love hearing from our truck camper community.  Again, we can’t thank you all enough for the great website you have put together.

You helped us to make a decision about buying a new Northstar Laredo in 2012.

The layout, professional articles, it’s free and it’s interesting. It really is too good to be true.

Everything.  You guys do a great job covering the industry as well as individual truck campers.  We always tell people who are even thinking about truck camping that this is where you must start!

Lively, informative, well-written, and well-organized.

I like that the articles uniquely keep me abreast of trends, tips and news in truck camping, as well as to achieve a sense of camaraderie with others who truck camp.  Since truck camper dealers in the mid-west are few and far between, it is great to have access to the truck camper industry via the magazine.  Thanks!

It is simply excellent.  The email updates are great.  Responsive to readers’ input and proactive in seeking readers’ input.  Very creative in asking and answering key questions in your articles.

You actually do what you write about.  An outstanding magazine that is an objective and informative source of information for all things truck camper related.

That you present interesting articles and perspective of a truck camper owner.

I think you are doing a great job.  I encourage others to check it out before buying and other type of RV.

I really enjoy your magazine, and I love the stories.  I look forward to my email from Truck Camper Magazine.  Keep up the great job you do in giving us a great info on truck camping.  Thank you!

Very informative, great pictures with the articles, and great advice.  Truck Camper Magazine helped me decide on getting a truck camper, a 2013 Lance 992 . I believe that without your magazine I would not have gotten the camper.  The newbie articles, and the interviews with current owners all helped me make the decision to get the camper and which model/manufacturer to choose.

It provides extremely useful information.  My wife and I plan to begin a trip all over the US in late 2014. We plan, at this time, to carry some form of Lance Camper probably a 992 on Ford 350 or GMC 3500 4×4 diesel.  We plan on year-round living in our camper including ski areas in the winter.  Without Truck Camper Magazine I would have virtually no way to find out about trucks and truck campers.

Updates, as we have no dealers within two hours of us.

Well done articles, great information and facts.  Light hearted articles.  It’s about as informative as you could possibly ever get on this subject.  If only every writer took things this serious. Thanks.

Variety.  I enjoy the stories from the contributors.

You keep all of us current.

Good articles about truck campers.  I like the reviews because I am trying to make the right decision about my next truck camper.

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