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2013 TCM Reader Survey: Things You Like

With 949 responses, we were unable to post every comment (totaling well over fifty pages for like and change), but we have read every comment and have made detailed notes on what you like about TCM.

Here are some of the stand out, “Things You Like” comments from the 2013 Truck Camper Magazine Reader Survey:

To this day, I don’t recall how I stumbled onto your site.  I think it may have been from another RV site.  We had a fifth wheel at the time.  You made an excellent case for why a truck camper made sense from an ecological and versatility point of view.  Your Newbie Page helped us make wise decisions about our first unit.  The lifestyle stories and interviews allowed us to capture a dream to travel and work in tandem.  The reviews and shortcuts to manufacturers websites are helping us plan our next camper purchase.  We also love hearing from our truck camper community.  Again, we can’t thank you all enough for the great website you have put together.

You helped us to make a decision about buying a new Northstar Laredo in 2012.

The layout, professional articles, it’s free and it’s interesting. It really is too good to be true.

Everything.  You guys do a great job covering the industry as well as individual truck campers.  We always tell people who are even thinking about truck camping that this is where you must start!

Lively, informative, well-written, and well-organized.

I like that the articles uniquely keep me abreast of trends, tips and news in truck camping, as well as to achieve a sense of camaraderie with others who truck camp.  Since truck camper dealers in the mid-west are few and far between, it is great to have access to the truck camper industry via the magazine.  Thanks!

It is simply excellent.  The email updates are great.  Responsive to readers’ input and proactive in seeking readers’ input.  Very creative in asking and answering key questions in your articles.

You actually do what you write about.  An outstanding magazine that is an objective and informative source of information for all things truck camper related.

That you present interesting articles and perspective of a truck camper owner.

I think you are doing a great job.  I encourage others to check it out before buying and other type of RV.

I really enjoy your magazine, and I love the stories.  I look forward to my email from Truck Camper Magazine.  Keep up the great job you do in giving us a great info on truck camping.  Thank you!

Very informative, great pictures with the articles, and great advice.  Truck Camper Magazine helped me decide on getting a truck camper, a 2013 Lance 992 . I believe that without your magazine I would not have gotten the camper.  The newbie articles, and the interviews with current owners all helped me make the decision to get the camper and which model/manufacturer to choose.

It provides extremely useful information.  My wife and I plan to begin a trip all over the US in late 2014. We plan, at this time, to carry some form of Lance Camper probably a 992 on Ford 350 or GMC 3500 4×4 diesel.  We plan on year-round living in our camper including ski areas in the winter.  Without Truck Camper Magazine I would have virtually no way to find out about trucks and truck campers.

Updates, as we have no dealers within two hours of us.

Well done articles, great information and facts.  Light hearted articles.  It’s about as informative as you could possibly ever get on this subject.  If only every writer took things this serious. Thanks.

Variety.  I enjoy the stories from the contributors.

You keep all of us current.

Good articles about truck campers.  I like the reviews because I am trying to make the right decision about my next truck camper.

Actually I think you do an excellent job with TCM.  Could you do it without Harley?  Love the animals that truck camp!

Like to see the new designs even though I have the camper I will use for the next ten years. Then I’ll buy the one I want for my retirement.  I like seeing the trends and finding what truck companies are doing to support truck campers.

I have really enjoyed the website and visit it at least three to four times a week always looking for a new article to come out.  You guys and gals are doing a great job.  Keep it up.

I would not change your magazine at all.  It’s better than magazines I pay for.  I currently have an 18 foot Fleetwood Pegasus travel trailer because we are a family of five.  I wish more manufactures would work to accommodate a half ton truck with a camper that could sleep more people.  That is something you have no control over, and they have to do what sells.  It’s more old people doing this stuff than the younger for some reason.  Anyway you have a great magazine and I would not change a thing.  Thanks again.

I really like the stories from folks that are out there camping and enjoying the country.   I also appreciate the articles about manufacturers, models and the points you make about what can be improved.  I also like to see what’s working and what folks are doing to their campers to make them more user friendly.

I think you both have done a great job and a service to the truck camping community.  Thanks and I look forward to reading it!

Just so you know, your magazine accomplished in a few articles what I was unable to do for two years.  It convinced my wife that a truck camper was the way to go (as opposed to a stress inducing trailer).

Everything, as we do not have a magazine here in England like Truck Camper Magazine.

Love your constant effort to keep us up on the latest news, announcements, but I especially like the lifestyle stories!

It’s free, informative and very easy to access from home or away.  We can get all of the information we need by smart phone, Ipad or notebook computer.

Interesting articles, new manufacturer information, and video tours of new campers.

It is a great way to communicate places, ideas, events, gear, etc.

It is all about truck campers.

The articles about campers, their features, and boondocking.

It’s free and it’s easy to find new articles.

Great magazine, it comes by way of email, and it’s well written through experience.

HONESTY!  You two tell it like it is.  You also offer the only place on the web for finding the smallest details about a truck camper.

Ideas for places to visit and reader suggestions on various topics.

News about innovations in truck camper design and gear.

Allowing my novice self to research and learn more about pop-up campers prior to buying one upon retirement in the next two to three years.

I like reading about folks’ experiences with their camper, especially the pop-up truck camper stories.  And I love reading the cat stories.  Meow to Harley!

I really enjoyed it more when I was shopping for my first camper and looking for advice on how to use my camper to its full capacity.  You do a nice job promoting truck camping.

The owner modifications done and the good ideas so many owners have on how to use their camper or improve on it.

Off-road Stories, photo contests, mod contests, and the owners!

Keeping up with changes in the industry and travelogs.

Truck Camper Magazine does a good job keeping up with the latest RV/truck camper industry news.

There is so little truck camper information out there that it is great to have a magazine devoted entirely to our personal traveling lifestyle.

Everything.  Nothing wrong with that.

People’s trips for ideas on where to go, new gear for upgrading my stuff, tips on how to make things better in your rig.

I like all the articles.  I also like to send in things you all ask for.  I’m not retired yet, but reading articles on where other campers have been has opened me up to many places I’d love to travel to later on in life.

Short, frequent issues as opposed to longer, infrequent issues. The photos, the articles about camper maintenance, storage, add-ons, etc.

Articles by readers, relating camping experiences and adventures.

That it comes out weekly, gives up-to-date information on new products, it has personal stories and pictures, and links to manufacturers and dealers.

I like to see what is new in the truck camper industry.  I like to read about other people’s adventures.  I wouldn’t have known about the 1st Midwest Truck Camper Rally without Truck Camper Magazine.  I like the humor.

Instructional information.  I’m learning before I purchase.

Camper reviews.

Everything.  I love the accountability the manufacturers now have with the magazine!

Information about truck campers.  It’s the only place to go.

The information is about all truck camping.  The social connection it brings to truck camping, the education given to all readers, the entertainment of the articles and the style of writing utilized.

Everything.  Especially the fact that it has current and frequent updates.  I know it’s a lot of work but I’m sure it plays a large role in your loyal followers.

Good info, articles, well-written and interesting.

I like the travel stories.  Its frequency is a wonderful break to move into camping mode.  Thanks for doing it.

Travel/adventure stories and not just articles on what to buy.   Real people talking about real campers and it’s not just the newest flagship model.  Also, that it’s truck camper specific.

Published online, and it’s great for promoting the truck camper which will be my next RV.

Interesting stories and reviews.  We are on our fifth truck camper since 1977 and will find it difficult to give up when we can no longer handle it.

Seeing what others have done to their campers and problem resolutions.  Interviews with product manufacturer s and interviews with camper users.

It’s an easy way to keep connected with what’s new, and what people are doing with their truck camper.

Newbie section, new models, any and all tips, travel articles.

It’s great!  How could you not like it?  We enjoy the ease of travel and the ability to be self sustaining.  The simple advantage of being able to come back from a hike when caught in the rain, take a shower, eat a meal and relax right in the parking lot before heading off.  I love the articles about different ways people use their campers from boondocking to traveling the US and other countries.

Everything.   The articles, the layout, the writing, the surveys, and the photos.

It is very informative, covering a broad spectrum of camper-centric matters.

Everything!  It’s free, prints great stories, has a newbie corner, keeps me up to date in the truck camper business, etc.

I’ve learned so much about what is available and this helps me determine what I want.  I like reading about what others are doing.

It’s very focused on truck camping.  I like the interviews but get jealous as i haven’t had the time to go much myself in the past two years.  I liked very much the ‘best mods’ articles.  Also like to be able to contact you for help in finding solutions for truck camper questions.

Everything!  It keeps me informed about the truck camping industry and customers.

All the information is all together.  Whatever you’re looking for and more it’s there in one place!

The updated information on new and used truck campers.  Also the personal stories from people who enjoy traveling at their own pace and staying wherever the road leads them.

I really enjoy reading about the trips and adventures people have taken.

I like seeing the new models and what I can do to modify my old camper to have more features.

That the magazine does a good job covering all aspects of truck camping and truck camping equipment.

E-mail notification of new stories, and it seems to come from someone like me that just likes camping, and the Alaska stories.

Stories of travels, semi remote, and remote places.

New features of the truck camping world.

Just everything.  The articles from owners, manufacturers, updates of how they are built to include new materials, and road trips with their rigs.  I like it all.

I like the fact that you have a weekly presentation.  I read all of the articles.

The interviews with camper owners, photography, interviews with manufacturers, updates about rallies, and the new camper profiles.

Electronic format, frequency of issue, links to websites ,tech and how to articles, new product coverage, lifestyle coverage, and truck camper only coverage.

I enjoy the videos and the travel articles.  I like seeing the photos of the truck campers and the interiors.

Frequency, variety (not always the same), and Gordon and Angela!

Enjoy the photo galleries, interviews, new camper and new equipment updates.  I enjoy participating and viewing the calendar series.  I also like the Newbie info.

Most everything.  I love getting it and following the links and also getting new ideas.

The diversity of the truck camping world that’s covered.  When I pop in and scope out the latest info, I feel i’m more prepared to (first) get the right camper and (second) fit the truck to the camper.

Camper stories, Gordon’s sense of humor, and gear reviews.

The stories about truck camping and the technical articles.  The truck weight was the most informational.

New to TCM and I love it.  It’s been a lot of help with researching new truck and camper.  Thank you!

The fact that all of the RV articles are from a truck camper perspective.  I have always felt that other RV/camping magazines tend to treat truck campers as ‘second best’.

News and articles about the ins and outs of truck camping.  The photos of far away places.

Truck camper reviews and maintenance recommended, and the interviews of places people have traveled.

Hearing about places to camp, travel ideas, and keeping up with what’s going on in the truck camper world.

I’m totally hooked on the conveniences and the possibilities that come with owning a truck camper.

I like the meticulous detail and the desire to help readers learn about truck camping.  I like the buyers guide and your reviews.  I really feel like you advocate truck camping, which is very helpful.

Twice weekly articles of folks on the road.

I have had a truck camper for close to 15 years.  I lived full-time for 9 years in an Elkhorn.  I like being informed about what’s out there and what’s new.

Everything.  The information, places to go, and all adventures people talk about.  Great magazine.

I can chose what I want to read as it applies to me and my interest.

Dealer Inventory, the new camper tests, and gear tests.

The cat, Mrs White, the articles, where folks have been, and places to visit.

Very informative and a great place for someone to start their journey of truck camper ownership.

The great information on new campers, products and what other people are doing and where they are going.  I like the dealer inventory updates as well.

Gives me a different perspective on RVing.

Ads, pictures, and maintenance hints.

Light and airy articles with good pictures and verbiage.

I find the articles well written, and I really enjoy the lifestyle stories.

I find it very informative and you tell it like it is!

Variety of articles.  Lots of information without having to search the web.

Only source of full coverage of the truck camper industry.  Other magazines mostly offer ‘real estate’ type coverage of the largest possible truck campers.  There is much praising but not a lot of real insight.  You are covering every type.  My recent purchase of a Camplite 5.7 arose from your coverage.

I like reading all the articles.  I especially like when people write about their camping adventures especially with photos.  I also like to read about people giving advice.

Comprehensive articles, great photos, and travel and camping ideas.  You two are real pros, and also have a great sense of humor.

It keeps me informed of the latest truck camping products available.

Keeps me in the loop and up-to-date.

Everything.  Each week I learn new things like the wind mill powering my truck camper.  I own a truck camper because of what I learned from Truck Camper Magazine.  I have read every article and some of them more than once to better understand and to learn.

I don’t have to wait a month for new articles.

Great articles.  Photos of interesting places that others have been.

It’s specific to truck campers and not RVs in general.

Good details.  Keeps us informed as to what is being developed or is new.  Good ideas.

The sharing of information for truck campers of all levels.  The experienced truck campers are honest because they’re not trying to sell you anything, where that’s not the case with the dealerships.

I enjoy reading about other like-minded, outdoor enthusiasts, their adventures, and their equipment.

I’m a Wanna Be and the only person in my family interested in this form of recreation.  I find the TCM stories and articles an incentive to ‘just do it’!

I like the stories about people’s adventures, like stories about new gear, and I really like everything about the mag.

The trips and rallies you attend and write about.

The interviews with other truck campers.

Everything.  You have a great blend of people, campers, and equipment.

Niche market that interests me, lifestyle stories, it’s very active, regular new content, and regular people having a passion.

I am interested in getting a truck camper.  This is a good source of info about them and many activities that go along with them.

Everything.  It’s a great web magazine.  I enjoy reading the articles of people’s travels and adventures in truck campers.  I like looking at the photos of beautiful and interesting places people have traveled to in truck campers.  If I had money I’d buy a 4×4 truck and a truck camper.  I love them.

Camper reviews, the dealer inventory, photos, and floor plans.  I also have to say I laughed aloud at your comment that the earlier Livin’ Lite camper looked like an ambulance inside; I had thought it looked like an airliner galley!

The team, the enthusiasm, and the style.

Modifications to the campers and ask the expert articles.

New ideas, new equipment, lifestyles, places of interest to camp, and experiences of other truck campers.

It’s the only place for truck camper periodical information.

Everything, helpful, informative, trip planning, others’ research, OEM upgrades on trucks, maintenance bits, etc.

It’s not overwhelmed with ads.  It’s real people doing real truck camper things.

Direct access to information and reviews.

The new accessories on the market like the wind generator.

Everything!  I enjoy every issue and can’t get enough.

It’s the most and best source of information on truck camping I have ever found.  Look forward to receiving each issue.  Love the adventure stories of like minded campers.

Great writing, funny, very informative, good amount of pictures, easy to navigate, shortcuts to other companies, and detailed.

To hear the news and stories from other truck camper people and the places they go is very interesting.

The great balance and range of stories and information concerning the truck camping lifestyle.

Great articles specifically about truck campers.

New camper information and camping trip stories.

Freshness.  We just love the way you both write and all the information you publish.

I have always wanted to own a truck camper, however, at my age and my financial status, that isn’t likely.  I do my traveling through your magazine and the wonderful people who share their experiences with you.  Thank you for a great magazine.

That you guys care, and truly have a passion for the industry.  You take seriously the impact/influence you have, and don’t abuse it.

People pictures, you guys matching your truck and camper up, factory tours, new products, and new campers.

New content every few days.

Friendly, helpful attitude of the entire staff.

Timely and concise information in a condensed format.

Learning about truck campers.  I plan to buy one in the next 5 years.

Stories about people using their campers and getting ideas on how to make the most of ours.

information that otherwise would be scattered that we can quickly cover, so a little less time on the web.

It’s just about truck camping (it’s a special type of RVing).

Keeping me informed about the world of truck campers and the networking that comes with meeting people at rallies and shows.

Great resource of information leading up to purchasing a camper in the next couple of years.  I just got the right truck, now to get the camper.

Everything.  It’s well thought out and organized, but changes a little with each issue and that keeps my interest up.

I like truck campers but finding a dealer close to home prevents my purchase.  Presently have a small travel trailer but would prefer an aluminum framed popup truck camper like Four Wheel or Phoenix.  Truck Camper Magazine keeps me up to date on availability and I check inventory regularly.

Updated articles on truck camper equipment and truck campers, lifestyle stories and follow-ups.  Overall I love getting truck camper info twice a week.  Great magazine with great stories and information.

Very informative keeps me up to date.

The stories about Harley.

New camper reviews, personal interviews, factory interviews, and technical info.

Review articles on new campers, people’s experiences (e.g. the current article on winter camper), and truck reviews.

Good format, great content covering relevant information I can use.  Love it!

Direct, concise, not overwhelming and well presented.  Congratulations!

The modification issue was the best.

All of it.  Interesting and informative articles and good links to manufacturers.

We recently bought a new truck and used camper.  This is my first experience with a camper so I enjoy all the articles.

The price and value is so above the stuff I pay for.  It’s informative and always interesting.

it is a great source of information about truck campers and truck camping, by truck camper people.

It is outstanding in all respects.

Your personal touch, the great photos, and interviews with people like Rex.

Articles that are written by truck camper people about their adventures.  Your write ups on new models, etc.

It covers a lot of areas.  Right now I’m not interested in new truck or camper, but in the future, I’ll want to use it for information when I am looking.

I was fascinated with the article about wind power generator.  I would like to see more of that type; wind, solar, that wouldn’t take up precious space!

I have loved it especially since we started using our truck camper and even before.  I have gotten so much help in getting it ready for traveling.

I like the profiles and lifestyles stories.  I also like the stories about legal weights.  I am enjoying the pop up camper stories.

I had been thinking of a small trailer behind my car, but on my way to a rock/gem show in New Hampshire I stopped in at Truck Camper Warehouse.  I was very impressed with idea of a camper.  The gentleman I spoke with gave me a brochure and a post card for TCM and I’ve been reading you since.  I have attended a couple of RV shows, but was disappointed that there were no campers.  All I see on the road are RVs and 5th Wheels.  When I mention truck campers people think i mean one of those pop-up tent trailers or just a cap on the back.
Your magazine incorporates so much info and the lifestyles feature excites me to look forward to when I can also be able to visit this great country and family and friends.

I did buy a Stable-Lift system after seeing one in TCM.  I’m very glad I did.  It works great for me.

Each issue is short. That’s kind of important because there are so many.

I like the ability to select topics, such as Tech or Gear Guide, at any time.  I enjoy reading about camping strategies, such as winter camping.

I really like all the email updates because I am always using my iPhone instead of a computer to go online and the links to the website and the website being easy to view on a mobile device really makes the difference to me in terms of looking at the site versus never looking at it by having to view it on a computer.

All the information and feeling great being part of a unique, exclusively broad group.

Gives me stories from others to aspire to/dream about for future. I like the pictures, editorials, and videos.

Info from real people.  One of these days we will attend a rally.

Learning what we might want on a truck camper.
We are planning on retiring in a few years and want to live in a truck camper and travel around the country for a couple of years.  So, reading people’s stories have helped us know what to look for and what to avoid.

Lots of information about everything from equipment to places to go.  It’s always a great resource, and fun to read what other people are doing.

All the information that is available has helped me out, especially about the purchase of your 3500 Chevy Silverado and weights that go along with a truck camper.  It’s good research for our homework we are doing before we get make a purchase.

Real articles, excellent reviews and stories.  It’s all good.

Everything.  Being able to read about others blazing trails to enjoy our planet and having someone who does it give us the true skinny as well as giving the us the opportunity to participate.  Keep up the fire.

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