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Bigfoot 25C10.4 Kitchen Assessment

Immediately across from the dinette is the kitchen of the Bigfoot 25C10.4.  Again the windows and light bring out the beauty of the Canoe Birch cabinetry, stainless steel appliances, and cabinet pulls.  The clean and modern design on display here is just gorgeous.

Bigfoot 25C10.4 Stainless Steel Appliances

Bigfoot Camper 10.4 Kitchen

The stainless steel double sink and high faucet are exactly what most Truck Camper Magazine readers asked for in the 2018 Ultimate Camper Survey.

Bigfoot 10.4 Kitchen Sink Counter

There’s also a good amount of counter space for meal preparation, cooking, and dish washing.  If you need more counter space, the dinette table is only a foot behind you.

Bigfoot 10.4 Kitchen Lower Cabinets

Bigfoot 25C10.4 Kitchen Outlets and Switches

The lower cabinets present an impressive number of domestic-style storage options.  There’s also a lot of functionality built into this space; 110-volt outlets, propane and electric water heater switch, the optional built-in generator switch and hour meter, interior light switch, electric awning rocker, and exterior light switches.

Bigfoot 10-4 Kitchen Under Counter Controls

The easy access location of the water heater and generator switch is excellent.  Having a 110-volt outlet in the kitchen is appreciated, as is the flawless execution and quality.  What’s missing here are 12-volt and USB outlets.

Bigfoot 10.4 Kitchen Under Counter Switches

Just inside the entry door is a set of three white exterior light switches, the electric awning rocker, and an inside light switch.  The location of these switches and awning rocker is spot on, but I would like to see the light switches labeled.

Bigfoot 10-4 Kitchen Battery Disconnect

Bigfoot 25C10.4 Battery Disconnect

Along the floor immediately inside the entry door is the battery disconnect.  In conjunction with a solar panel system, a battery disconnect is critical for keeping camper batteries healthy while a camper is winterized or not in use for extended periods.

Having the battery disconnect next to the door is both convenient and helps to remind the owners to engage this important function.  Having missed this critical step once many years ago, I can attest to the dreadful result of dead batteries.  Expensive mistake!

Bigfoot 25C10.4 Quality, Fit and Finish

Under the sink the cabinet presents an uneven floor.  Ideally this would present a space for a trash can, or at least a flat floored storage area.  While the flat floor may not be possible due to the complexity of this area, I would like to see Bigfoot provide a trash can that fits here.

Bigfoot 10.4 Kitchen Under Sink Cabinet Area

On second blush, the fit and finish in this cabinet is truly impressive.  The inside of this cabinet looks as finished as anything in the camper’s interior.  Really nice work, Bigfoot team.

Bigfoot 10.4 Kitchen Plumbing

Everywhere we looked in the Bigfoot 25C10.4, the quality of the plumbing and electrical materials, components, and installation were top notch.  This camper was built to last by a team that truly cares about their work.

Bigfoot 25C10.4 Kitchen Lower Drawers

The three pull-out kitchen drawers are exactly what you want to see; the right storage in the right place.  It seems only natural that the top drawer is silverware, the second drawer is utensils, and the third drawer is for small kitchen items that need a home; oven mitts, medications, etc.

The quality of the materials and build show a keen awareness of the need to be both robust and light weight.  Light-ply plywood.  Full length steel roller bearings.  The right balance of heavy duty and efficient.  Well done.

Bigfoot 10.4 Kitchen lower drawers

Bigfoot 25C10.4 Kitchen Storage

Under the oven is a huge drawer perfect for shallow pans, plates, and/or dry foods.  The available storage in this kitchen is fantastic.

Bigfoot 10.4 Kitchen Upper Cabinetry

Above the counter are two large pull-open cabinets begging for dry foods, plates, and dishes.  The cabinets are firmly held in place with stainless steel gas struts.

Bigfoot 25C10.4 Kitchen Appliances

Bigfoot 10-4 Kitchen Microwave

The third upper cabinet contains a microwave.  It might not be everyone’s design choice, but having the microwave behind a cabinet certainly gives the kitchen a more finished look.  Besides, the black microwave would throw the stainless appliance aesthetic if it weren’t neatly tucked away.

Bigfoot 10-4 Kitchen Oven

Speaking of which, the stainless range hood, cooktop, and oven are a knockout.  Bigfoot updated their appliances to stainless steel for 2018 and they definitely enhance the already modern and refined interior.

Bigfoot 10.4 Kitchen Tank Monitor

Bigfoot Camper Tank Sensors

On the forward facing wall before the hallway is a panel with the tank monitor, battery monitor, and water pump switch.  This is a good central and eye level location for this important feature.

Since the 25C10.4 is nothing less than a high-end luxury truck camper, I would like to encourage Bigfoot to move towards more accurate tank sensors.  For example, SeeLevel II tank monitors are digital and significantly more accurate than notoriously imprecise traditional RV tank sensors.  Maybe a 2019 update?

Bigfoot 25C10.4 Refrigerator

The Bigfoot 25C10.4 features a six-cubic foot Dometic refrigerator and freezer.

Bigfoot 10.4 Camper Dometic Refrigerator

This is the same brand and size refrigerator in our project camper and we are able to camp for a week to ten days with the available refrigerator and freezer storage.

Bigfoot 10.4 Kitchen Refrigerator Touches Wall

The only issue I have with the refrigerator is its location.  When the door is open, it swings across the hall and impacts the dry bath’s door.

To be fair, the door opens more than enough for day to day use.  Owners will also naturally adapt and not open the refrigerator too wide.  In truck camper design, everything is a compromise.

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