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Weigh Your Stuff: Readers Respond to our Question of the Week

“We do not.  As organized as my wife is with checklists and contents lists, this is still a heck of a thing to get done and keep updated.  Then again, we bought our truck specifically for the camper, and deliberately overbought on payload.  I can see the value to this though.  I heard this story, maybe someone can confirm and elaborate on this, that one of the manufacturers, went to a truck camper rally and offered some campers some kind of compensation for them to empty every item out of their campers to be weighed, and everyone who did this was way heavier than they estimated.  I can see it being very easy for those pounds to add up a little here and a little there.” – Rob and Kathy Lang, Vernon, New Jersey

“We just load and go.  Pull into a scale.  There are many along the highways when you are loaded.  We pulled into a self weighing station and weighed every thing including us.  The dogs never had to worry from then on.  Most of the people at these stations will weigh you if you ask before.” – Boris Kelly

“Hi Angela – Well, we don’t weigh things individually.  While on a trip a couple years ago I stopped at a scale and weighed the truck and camper.  We had all our junk with us and a full fuel tank, full fridge, full pantry, full water, and full propane tanks.  I guess we were pretty well loaded to the hilt.  Looking at the weight and how it was distributed on each axle, we determined that we were well within the capacity of the truck.  I later weighed just the truck alone without the camper so I could subtract that weight to find out what the weight of the loaded camper was.  I could see that some folks might want to weigh individual items if they are close to or over the capacity of the truck but since we were well within the limits it would be a waste of time for us to do so.  That was a good question because you are a safer person on the road by being within the limits of your truck. We have a Lance 920 on a Dodge 3500 dually quad cab.” – John Bull

“Oh please.  All I have to say is, “Obsessive–compulsive”!  These people have way to much time on their hands.  I think people need to spend more time camping and less time thinking about getting ready to go camping.” – Stanly Bagel

“Dear TCM – I didn’t weigh all the stuff I put in my camper, but I will start to do that with my next big trip this year.  My 2006 F350 dually with a GVWR of 13,000 pounds with my Lance 921 camper was over 13,000 pounds this last trip.  We had a lot of stuff that we never used, so we made a short list with what to bring and what not to bring.  And, yes, we will be weighing our stuff.  The trip this year was three months from Savannah, Georgia to Alaska and back, of course.” – Rob and Georgia

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