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“A few weeks ago we had several rounds of storms pass through the midwest.  Just before bedtime all of the power went out in our neighborhood so we broke out the flashlights and made our way to the bedroom. A s I reached for my CPAP, I realized that it was mot going to work with out power and that I was in for a bad night’s sleep.

That’s when I remembered that I have another CPAP in the camper that runs on 12v and I have been looking for a chance to test out my newly installed 105W solar panel.  So off to the camper I went.  The single 120 amp hour battery had a full charge of 12.7 volts before turning on the CPAP and falling off to a good night’s sleep.  When I woke up the sun was shining but I did not have a watch with me so I had no idea what time it was, so I crawled out of bed and checked the solar panel read out to find that it was 12.6 volts and charging at 1.5 amps.  Delighted with the test results, I went into the house to find out that it was only 5:30AM.  You have to love those long Wisconsin summer days.” – Tom Strock, 2003 Chevy 2500HD, 1997 Coachmen Ranger 100

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