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2014 Holiday Wish Lists Revealed

“I guess I’m a lucky one, beside a new bigger-with-slides and all-the-options truck camper (wishing), I’ll settle for a 120 volt AC meter, a surge protector, and a new three stage charger/converter.” – Jeff Hagberg, 2002 Ford F250, 2006 Travel Lite 800 SBX

“A new TV and surround sound for those rainy nights.  We only seem to watch movies in our camper.  We never have time at home.  A new Trimetric 2030 battery monitor and solar controller with solar panels on the roof.” – Dave Miller, 2015 F350 LB CC DRW 4X4, 2003 Bigfoot 10.6E

“80-watt Zamp solar in a bag, portable water softener, and Campfire in a Can.” – John Dorrer, 2013 Ford F-250, 2014 Four Wheel Camper

“1. Joby Gorilla Lamp.  I have two in the bedroom now.  When we’re not plugged in, they’re the best reading lamps ever.  I also have one in the dinette slide.  An extra one would make it more convenient so I can sit on either side of the table without having to move the lamp back and forth.  The magnetic feet work so well on these lamps.

2. Now let’s go for an upgrade to the electrics; Xantrex 2000 watt inverter would give me more off-the-grid capabilities.

3. To keep my single Group 27 battery charged without running the generator, a 150 watt solar panel system on the roof would really bring things up to a modern status.

4. For fun on the water, and weighing only 32 pounds, an Advanced Element Inflatable Kayak.

5. For the truck camper lifestyle I wish for all the TCM readers a fabulous 2015 year.  Stay Healthy, Be Safe, Enjoy the Journey.” – Roger and Elaine Odahl, 2008 Ram 3500, 2004 Eagle Cap 950

“Since reading about advances in solar panels, I’ve been excited to install some on my old camper.  That way, whether I remember to plug in, we’ll be ready to roll each weekend.” – James Hamre, 1993 Ford F250, 1988 Sun Lite Eagle

“1. A huge diet!  I will be trimming the fat off my camper this winter, trying to relieve it of at least 200 pounds, and customize its fit to my truck for a lower center of gravity.

2. Rid my camper of the propane fridge for a 12-volt cooler-type appliance  to further save weight and space saving.

3. A catalytic propane heater like the Olympian Wave-3.

4. A second deep cycle battery for more power storage.

5. A light-weight, larger capacity propane tank.  Something less than a 20-pound tank, or multiple tank set up.

And a lovely, good-natured, outdoorsy, in-shape, attractive female co-pilot!  Dang it!  Was that six?  I’ll swap that for the extra battery!” – Jim McCoy, 2003 Dodge Ram 2500, 1990 Hallmark LaVeta

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