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2014 Holiday Wish Lists Revealed

“A new to us Eagle Cap!” – Paul Roberson, 2014 Ford F350, 1988 Lance 980

“What do I want for Christmas?  To take delivery of the new truck camper I ordered in August.  The wait is killin’ me!” – Gary Usher, 2015 Ford F350 Lariat

“Solar panels.  That’s it.” – Jim Dunlap, 2013 Ram 3500, 2012 Lance 855S

“Emergency radio with all the extras!  AM/FM/NOAA, flashlight, USB charger, and solar/crank/12v charging.” – Linda Rearick, 2002 Ford F-250, 2001 Arctic Fox 1150

“A product that can be applied to the nose cap of my camper that would make cleaning off bugs a lot easier.” – William Gahafer, 2008 Ford F450, 2013 Lance 1181

Editor’s Note: Some folks swear by Pam non-stick spray to keep the bugs off.  Try spraying some on your front nose after you clean it.  If it works, let us know.

“Arctic Fox to introduce a side door model.  Hint-hint, please.  A 2015 Ram 4500 crew cab, chassis cab with a flatbed.  There would be no more weight issues ever.  Diesel fuel.  ATV fuel.  A 24′ enclosed trailer with side awning.” – Elliot Groeneveld, 2011 Ram 3500, 2011 Arctic Fox 1150

“Laser alignment setup for loading my camper; the setup that won the mod contest.  The Dewalt tool bag is a great idea.  I use similar tool bags I bought at Harbor Freight, for about half that price.  I have about twenty-five pounds of tools in one Harbor Freight bag, and about twenty pounds of miscellaneous parts, lubricants, gloves, and other emergency gear in a second bag.” – Kevin Burkhart, 2015 Ford F250, Lance 850

“We are downsizing from fifth wheel to truck camper, either Arctic Fox or Lance 1191 after the first of the year.  For getting off the beaten path and into the less inhabited back roads, a DeLorme State specific Atlas and Gazeteer.” – Pam Conner

“Wow, that’s a tough one as this is my third camper.  Over the years since I’ve owned this one, I am pretty set up with everything I need.  So, I guess this would be my list: Even more time with family and friends out camping, and great health for everyone so we can spend that time out with the camper.  Okay, I’ll say it; free fuel for the truck, and to wish everyone happy holidays and a great new year.  Maybe unorthodox answers, but that is my wish list.” – Rich Bain, 1999 Chevy C3500, 2010 Adventurer 810WS

“A new refrigerator, a propane powered generator, battery setup, solar panels, and a new rear bumper and step.” – Bill Luebbers, 1999 Ford F250, 1992 Lance 880

“I want LED Lights from, a Progressive Industries EMS-HS30C surge protector, and a Shurflow water system accumulator tank.” – Chris Jensen, 2007 Chevy SIlverado 3500HD, 2009 Arctic Fox 990

“Well, now that Gordon mentioned the AC voltage line meter, it has moved to the top of my list.  But, before I read your list, here is what I wanted:

1. Hitch extension and whatever else we need to finally take our bikes with us camping

2. Replacement/extension mirrors for our truck.  I’m talking about true replacement mirrors, not just those you strap on to the existing mirrors.

3. In a perfect world, a new step for our Lance 880.  Ours is wonky.  We haven’t been able to locate the actual step anywhere though.

4. We bought our Lance in October as a replacement for an older camper.  I plan to include some of the housekeeping items in it when we sell the camper.  So, I would like a new Camco sink cover, Swiffer floor stick sweeper, Command hooks and towel rods, etc. I realize that makes the list many more items than five, but it can be grouped under the heading “camper comfort”.

5. Our new Lance has an awning, so – though my boyfriend hates camper patio lights — I want camper patio lights and holders.  As long as I put them up and take them down, he can’t complain too much about them, and they make a site welcoming and friendly.

Happy Thanksgiving, Gordon, Angela and Harley!” – Linda Becker, 1999 F250 4×4, 1992 Lance 880

“All options on an Eagle Cap 1165.” – Harold Friess, 2015 Ford F 350 Dually Platinum, 2015 Eagle CAP 1165

“A battery power monitoring system.  At the Jamboree in Chocorua New Hampshire, I saw a Borgart Engineering Battery System Monitor to get a better idea of our power usage and battery and recharging health.  This looks great!” – Bruce Tinkler, 2013 Ford F-350, Lance 1181

“A 240 watt solar array and charge controller, and a 2000 watt full sine power inverter/charger.  Well, if your gonna wish, wish big!” – Ted and Deb Webster, 2005 Dodge 3500, Arctic Fox 990

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