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Truck and Camper Insurance Reports

“The camper is part of our auto policy which includes the truck and another vehicle in addition to the camper.  Our insurance is provided by Geico.  We have previously insured a trailer with them and have been happy with the policy, service, and price, although we have never made a claim for either RV.  Our agent has always been accessed online and over the telephone, but there has never been a problem insuring the camper.” – Dave Neumann, 2010 Toyota Tundra, 2011 Adventurer 80GS

“Actually, the camper is covered under both our truck insurance and camper insurance!  When the camper is on the truck, the truck insurance covers.  There is a separate policy for when camper is off of truck.” – Denver and Linda Woods, 1997 Ford F350, 2001 Lance 1121S

“We have all of our insurance through CSAA.  We have never had to use the insurance but, when we bought a new camper last year, the price went up ten dollars, to thirty-five dollars a year.  The information shows up on our policy statement, so I am sure it exists.” – C. Lawrence, 2012 Ford F350, 2012 Arctic Fox

“Yes, I use Germania.  I have never used the policy.  They asked the original cost and insured appropriately with enough deductible to make it affordable.” – Jim Shivers, 2008 Dodge Ram, 2012 Lance 950S

“Yes, we insure our camper with Progressive Insurance.” – Claudio C. Gaunt, 2008 Ford F450, Citation

“We insure our camper as part of the truck insurance from USAA in San Antonio, Texas.  After multiple discussions with my insurance company discussing various scenarios such as a tree falling on it, auto wreck, etc., USAA determined that it’s covered by the truck insurance itself just as if I personal property in my truck and it was stolen.  It would be covered.  I also asked about it being in a campground off the truck and something happening, and they said it was still covered.  I spent a good hour on the phone with them and then a manager.  It almost sounds too good to be true as my cost of insurance did not go up as a result.  I offered to buy a separate policy, if needed, and they emphatically stated it was not.  USAA insures all current and former military and their families.  I have been with them forty-seven years for home, car, boat, stocks, you name it.  My eggs are in their basket.” – Don Pryor, 2011 Ford F350, Arctic Fox

“The camper is insured under a separate policy from the truck.  It and the car have separate policies, but all are insured by the same company, State Farm.  State Farm underwriters had trouble finding how to classify the truck camper.  They finally listed it as a towable, which we know it is not.  I had to bring in the sales brochure to the office to educate them.  Most of the staff had never seen one.  I am not pleased that they are basing the premium on a new camper and will depreciate the value if and when I file a claim.” – Don Udelson, 2004 Chevy Silverado 2500HD, 2005 Sun-Lite 955 SD

“First, I insured the camper with a major insurance carrier.  They will not insure any attachments or bed additions to the truck, including a hard or soft cover, tool box or truck camper.  In checking with the Good Sam insurance, the cost for a truck camper is expensive, and in excess of $500 per year for an actual cash value policy.  Since our unit is used less than six months a year, we have opted to self insure the unit.  We would be open to cost effective insurance options for our Lance camper.” – Warne Todd, 2000 Ford F250, 2005 Lance 981

“We insure the camper separately.  We use Geico and have been happy with service and price.  I believe the insurance guy in your article must work for Good Sam Club (actually GMAC, I think) who clearly doesn’t get truck campers as they will not insure unless you are insuring the truck also.  No amount of emailing, yelling, etc. will get them to stop sending promotional materials for a service they are not actually willing to sell me.  Believe me, I’ve tried!” – Ed Amato, 2000 Ford F350, 2011 Lance 1050S

“It is included in the insurance for the truck.  I discussed it with my State Farm agent and was assured that it was covered, almost as an accessory.  My agent seemed familiar with the concept of a slide-in truck camper.  The Lance is listed on the policy.  While never having made a camper related claim, I’m satisfied.” – Mark, 1999 Ford F250SD, 1999 Lance 920

“Because of the age of our camper, we do not currently have it insured.  Although it’s value to us is there, there’s no value to an insurance company.  We have had it insured in the past, at a cost of approximately $300 per year.  Even though a new refrigerator costs $1,200 when you install it yourself (a chore) they still value the total rig at about $2,000.  With the price of new campers being what they are, we would insure a newer rig.  Our current insurance carrier is Allied Insurance and we’ve had them for our camper before.” – Dave Pracht, 1994 GMC Sierra K3500, 1987 Lance LC900

“State Farm insures mine under my truck policy.” – Robert Hicks, 2008 Chevy 3500 HD, 2011 Lance 992

“I have no separate insurance on my camper.” – Dave MacArthur, 2008 Ford F350, 2010 Lance 992

“My camper is covered under my auto insurance.  Liability is automatically covered if it comes off the truck and does damage to other people or property.  But then I am left with a wrecked camper, that is basically covered for replacement and theft.  I have Allstate Insurance.” – Don Kingfield, 2008 GMC 2500HD, 2008 Lance 861

“We recommend that all of our customers check with their insurance company to see what their policy covers.  Some of our customers seem to be under the impression that their new or used camper will automatically be covered on their insurance policy, and in many case this does not hold true.  It is always better to check than to assume.  I talked to a customer a few years back that had bought a really nice used Four Wheel Camper and got hit by an uninsured driver (truck and camper totaled).  His insurance company covered his truck, but did not cover the camper, and the other driver didn’t have insurance.  He lost a big chuck of change due to no fault of his own, except for not adding the camper to his policy.  I have used AAA in the past for my campers at an approximately the cost of $12 a month.” – Stan Kennedy, Four Wheel Campers

“My camper is covered under our Allstate auto policy.  For Allstate, the truck camper is considered cargo.” – Bill Tex, 2006 Chevy Silverado, 2013 Eagle Cap 850

“I have no coverage at all, especially with the camper being twenty years old, even though it is in great shape.  My insurance company has told me the truck and its contents, including my camper, are covered.” – Philip, 2012 Ford F350, 1994 Lance Squire Lite 150

“I have Mercury insurance (who knew what a truck camper was).  They list the camper separately, but include the premium with the truck.” – Bruce Allison, 2000 Ford F350, 2012 Adventurer 910 FBS

“I have used Foremost Insurance for many years.  I don’t think they know what a truck camper is because they still list it as a trailer.  I pay a yearly premium of $423.  Several years ago I was glad I had them when a tree branch put a hole in the roof of my Lance Camper.  They were quick to respond and paid the full cost of the repair.” – Art Davidson, 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 3500, 2003 Bigfoot 30C1011SL

“I insure the camper separately with Progressive.  The agent knows it is a truck camper, but my insurance policy information is titled travel trailer.  I have never had a claim so I do not know how they process truck campers under trailer claim!” – Helen Scurzi, 1991 Chevrolet 3500, 2008 Lance 9’11”

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