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Hot Dog Caption Contest Winner

“Would you like bio-diesel fries with that?” – John Desjardins

1. “Do you think it will spoil before we reach California?”
2. “Do you think customs will notice?”
3. “Does this camper make my wiener look small?” – Jan Openlander

“Retirement… it’s a dog’s life.” – John Stanley

“Gordon White was asked to provide the food for Friday Night’s meal at NATCOA and this is what he brought.  It ought to be wienerlicious!” – Dave Layson

“Patriots delight.” – Jerry and Judy Funk

1. ”TCM’s truck camper rig is top dog!”
2. “TCM eschews the traditional rubber roof for the optional ‘tube steak top.” – Bruce and Kathy Allison

1. “Kayaks? We don’t need no stinkin’ kayaks.”
2. Can thirty-two of your employees stand on the roof?  Well no, but wait until you see this.” – Gregory Himes

“I have a large PVC drain pipe mounted on the top of my Hawk camper to carry the awning.  Whenever I am asked what it is for, I reply that it is my rocket launcher to take care of inept drivers in front of me.  This would be a much more formidable weapon.” – Bill Peters

1. ”We don’t need no stinkin’ groceries this weekend!”
2. “I told the guy, “Hold the mustard”; now what?” – John Cook

“Honey, I think the ozone is messed up.  My dog don’t look right.” – Craig Willis

“Hot dog, we’re camping!” – Ellen and Ed Graf

“No power needed, we’re “Bun-doggin.” – Erik Russell

“Yes we did camp at Coney Island, why do you ask?” – Frank Donofrio

“The new review on the edible pop-up from TCM.” – Mike Reier

1. “White’s Wienermobile”
2. “Americana all the way”
3. “Hot dogging all over America.” – Joe MacDonald

1. “Overweight”
2. “Grossly Overweight.”
3. “Where’s lunch?” – Stan Johnson

“I absolutely relish this write up in TCM by Gordon.” – Rich Bain

1. “I got the hot dogs covered, who’s bringing the hamburgers?”
2. “Who took my hot dog?”
3. “TCM unveils new camper accessory.  It’s dog gone too good to be true!” – Steve Haas

“Park in center field.” – Linda Norman

“Does this change our center of gravity?” – Pat Bullock

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