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The Off-Road Retirement Plan

TCM: What are your truck camping plans for the future?

Bob: In the near term we plan to visit Big Bend National Park in Texas.  Early this summer, on the way to British Columbia, we will be traveling through Utah and planning to visit one or more of the National Parks there.  While in British Columbia we hope to make a swing through the Kootenay and Arrow Lakes area in eastern British Columbia.

TCM: Looking back on the past year that you’ve owned your Hallmark, has truck camping been all you expected it to be?

Bob: I think it’s more than I expected.  The sense of freedom and the road magic has been great.  We’ll pull up on the edge of the canyon, and look over a river, and say, “Isn’t this great?”  We get to camp the most wonderful places.  It’s a pretty unique experience.

We’ll be out on the road in some fairly rough and rustic spots.  But, because of our camper, we are dry and warm with our own pillow and mattress.  We’re also self-contained in a comfortable environment.  I find it relaxing.

The rig itself gives us so much more latitude.  If there’s a sixty mile stretch, you can go on the freeway, but you can also get off anywhere you want.  There is also a lot of confidence in the quality of our camper.  We can take it on those types of roads, and we feel like our rig is going to still be together when we’re at our destination.  It’s built with the durability to sustain that kind of operation.

Rig Information
Truck: 2013 Ford F-250, Crew Cab, Long Bed, Single Rear Wheel, 4×4, Gasoline
Camper: 2014 Hallmark Cuchara
Suspension: Air bags on rear
Gear: Built in soft panel solar power system, aluminum cargo boxes on the roof, Ford factory added camper and towing options, replacing the front bumper with a heavy duty steel bull nose bumper with two inch hitch receiver, the front hitch receiver allows for a front mounted bike rack

Have you used your camper off-road like Bob and Jean Fouty do?  If you like to take your camper off-road, please share your story.

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