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Dirt Every Day Goes Truck Camping

Fred Williams, Host of Dirt Every Day, takes out a 2014 GMC Sierra by Rancho Suspension and a Four Wheel Camper Hawk.  Don’t forget Batman, Baxster, and Lulu.


Dirt Every Day is a Motor Trend Channel show that debuts every fourth Thursday on YouTube.  The mission is to explore off-road trucks, Jeeps, and other vehicles, and push them to their rock crawling, overland, and mud-slinging limits.  It’s good fun, if you like a little dirt in your teeth.

The Host of Dirt Every Day is Fred Williams.  To give you an idea where Fred is coming from, his bio on simply reads, “Fred drives a truck with big tires, he likes trucks with big tires, and he writes about, works on, and spends most of his time with trucks with big tires.  He also likes dirt, rocks, sand, and mud.”  In case you missed it, Fred really likes big tires, and dirt.

About four months ago, Fred took his three dogs out in a 2014 GMC Sierra and a Four Wheel Camper Hawk rig for Episode 26 of Dirt Every Day.  Fred was inspired by John Steinbeck’s Travels With Charley, and decided to recreate the concept of Steinbeck’s experience; only with two more dogs, and a lot less time to spare.  This would be the video Cliff Notes of Travels With Batman, Baxster, and Lulu, Dirt Every Day style.

After the episode ran, we followed up with Fred and asked him for the back story.  We quickly learned that this wasn’t Fred’s first truck camping adventure, nor is it likely to be his last.

Here’s Episode 26 of Dirt Every Day

To watch the above video in HD, press play, click on the quality “gear” symbol in the lower right corner, and select 720p or 1080p.  HD video takes longer to load and play.  Click on the box in the lower right corner to view the video full screen.

For the behind the scenes on how Episode 26 of Dirt Every Day came to be, we talked to Fred Williams, Host of Dirt Every Day.

TCM: How did you come to like, “trucks with big tires” as your Four Wheeler bio describes.  Where did that come from?

Fred: I grew up on a farm and was around tractors with big tires from day one.  Plus my older brothers and the guys who worked at the farm all drove trucks with big tires.  It just seemed like the cool thing to do.

TCM: How did you turn your interest in “trucks with big tires” into being the Editor in Chief of Petersen’s 4-Wheel & Off-Road Magazine and the host of Dirt Every Day?  That’s not exactly a career path kids learn from their guidance counselors.

Fred: I had a few Jeeps before I went to college and sold them to attend school.  I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do after college and had a variety of jobs before I started doing some freelance work for Petersen’s 4-Wheel & Off-Road Magazine.  Eventually a position opened and I moved to Southern California to write about trucks full time.


Above: Fred and his mom with their original GMC and truck camper

TCM: Tell us about the truck and camper rig your parents took you out in.  Do you remember the year, make, and model of the truck and camper?

Fred: I don’t recall much of the truck and camper other than the truck was a late 60s GMC with a 351 V6.  Yes, a V6.  It was some special heavy duty engine more at home in a dump truck, but my dad bought it and the camper to haul our family around on family vacations.  I have no idea about the camper’s make and model, but I do recall climbing back and forth through the vent window as a little tyke.


Above: Fred and his parents, three older brothers, and their Diamond motorhome

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