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Truck Camping to the Easter Jeep Safari

Dennis: I’ve always liked Jeeps.  I lived in Colorado when I was young, when CJ7s were new, so it’s been awhile.  Ever since I was in Colorado, I’ve wanted a Jeep.  Now that I’m older and had a better job, I have one.  Actually, I bought it with a friend of mine.  We found an ugly duckling Jeep for sale and went over with the truck and bought it.  I have had it since 1991.

TCM: Tell us about your Jeeping club.

Dennis: The Red Rock Four Wheel Drive Association is the club who produce the Jeep Safari.  They pull the permits, organize the trails, and run the event.  You have to register with them.  I am personal friends with several of the trail guides and officers.



LEFT: Dennis and Cindy high above Hwy 191 running north and south from I-70 through Moab and into Arizona CENTER: The tractor trailer pulling two full size tanker trailers give perspective to the height


TCM: I see that you also go to Moab.  Is Moab really as good for Jeeping as everyone says it is?

Dennis: I would even go so far as to say it’s a Mecca.  It’s a really good place to go Jeeping.  A lot of people go out in groups all the time.  Moab gets really hot in June, July, and August.  In the winter it gets really cold.

TCM: What are some of your favorite places in Moab to go Jeeping?

Dennis: We like to go exploring in Shaffer Canyon, Long Road Canyon, and Canyonlands National Park is gorgeous.  There are hundreds of places to go.  The spot that we found this last time was overlooking Mineral Bottoms.

We like to go boondocking in Utah with our friends, Ray and Lori from Denver who have a Hallmark pop-up camper.  They found a spot years ago and we can’t believe no one else goes out there.  You need four wheel drive to get to that spot.



ABOVE: Dennis and Cindy’s 2010 Palomino Maverick 8801 and 2006 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD diesel and Ray and Lori’s 1983 Hallmark pop-up on a 1985 full size Ford Bronco, the camper was custom built by Hallmark to fit the early Broncos


TCM: Is the boondocking spot with Ray and Lori at Mineral Bottoms?  From your photos, it looks like you spend a lot of time camping there.

Dennis: It’s at the edge of a rim where we stayed.  Those pictures show the Green River.  You’ll see there’s a road down there.  The area at the bottom is known as Mineral Bottoms.  The road starts at the top of a plateau.  It’s a thirty mile drive back down in there.  In the pictures, we are overlooking that area.

Ray and Lori take a river trip every fall in September.  Living in Denver, they’re 350 miles from the area, so they go out more often than we do.  They’ve been doing that for fifteen or twenty years.  We let them take us exploring because they know so many places.



ABOVE LEFT: The storm coming in CENTER: After the wind stopped.  They had trouble opening the doors of the camper because the wind was so strong so they had to stay inside. The temperature dropped about 30 degrees during all of this, RIGHT: A photo of the wicked sky then it began to clear out


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