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Comfort and the Beast

Another drive worth taking is to Titus Canyon.  You have to drive out of Death Valley to get there.  It’s a one way road, which is good because you don’t have to worry about someone coming in the other direction.  In a few places I was uncomfortable, but that’s my issue with cliffs.  At first you are driving in the desert, and then you enter the canyon with walls on either side of you.  That’s when you go back down into Death Valley.  It’s absolutely stunning and well worth the drive.

TCM: That does sound interesting.  We loved Death Valley and would love to go back.  What’s next for you guys?

Karen: We haven’t yet decided on a 2014 long-distance trip.  We are  committed to a reunion at our house in mid-June and a wedding in Lone Pine, California at the end of September, so we are constrained a bit.

We have planned to go cross-country visiting the Badlands and exploring the roads in the northern part of the United States.  Then we’ll go into the Canadian Rockies and east to Niagara Falls and Nova Scotia.

We’ll make a loop and incorporate seeing family and friends from the American Discovery Trail in middle of the country.  I also have notes from our cross-country hike of rocks I want to go back and pick up.

TCM: You have rocks stashed from your hiking trip?

Karen: Yes I do.

We’re also hoping to do another trip to the southern part of the United States to visit family, going to the Smokies and the East Coast.  We’ll go to North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Louisiana, and Florida.


Above: Matt, Debbie, and Bill Ward from Hallmark Campers

TCM: Is there anything you would like to add to your interview?

Karen: I just want to say that the people at Hallmark are great!  They are so easy to work with.  I love everything about them.  We feel like if there was anything ever wrong with our camper, they would make it work.  So far, everything has been great and has done what it’s supposed to do.

Truck: 2013 Ford F350, extended cab, long bed, single rear wheel, 4×4, diesel
Camper: 2013 Hallmark K2
Tie-downs/Turnbuckles: Torklift
Jacks: Happijac
Suspension: Ford factory Camper Package on truck
Gear: Compressor refrigerator, 140 watt solar panel

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