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SumoSprings Airless Air Bags

TCM: What are the key benefits of SumoSprings for truck campers?

Gerry: The biggest benefit of SumoSprings is that they’re a “fit it and forget it” solution.  There is zero maintenance.  There’s also no drilling of the truck frame for installation.  The Sumo Springs arrive in a box fully assembled and don’t require airlines or compressors.  They really are a product that most customers could bolt on themselves.

Owners are going to get a far more comfortable ride with SumoSprings.  We recently put Sumo Springs on a F350 with a 4,500 pound truck camper.  The loaded truck only set one inch and it drove very comfortably.

TCM: Why should someone with an existing air bag system consider replacing them with SumoSprings?

Gerry: The SumoSprings have been engineered to fit existing Firestone or Airlift brackets.  The foam units can be purchased on their own eliminating maintenance and leaks.

A lot of truck camper people use our products, Bob Livingston, Publisher of Trailer Life and Motorhome Magazines, being one of them.  We’ve had a lot of people calling us who have read his comments about SuperSprings’ products in Trailer Life.  Now you can have SuperSprings and SumoSprings and get the best of both worlds.  You get additional support muscle from the SuperSprings and you can add the Sumo for an increased comfort level, especially when carrying a larger camper.

TCM: You recently hired Paul Gibson to your team.  Tell us about about Paul.

Gerry: We met Paul last year.  He had been with Firestone and Airlift for forty years and had recently retired from Firestone as Product Development Manager.

We started talking with Paul about what we were doing and his response was, “Wow, what you are doing is what I had planned to do years ago, but couldn’t convince Firestone or Airlift that it was the way to go.”  With his extensive experience he has been an incredible resource and asset throughout this project.  In addition, living in Indianapolis, he is our Midwest Regional Sales manager.

TCM: Tell us about the SumoSprings unveiling this week at the SEMA Show (Specialty Equipment Market Association).

Gerry: We’re very excited about it.  Word has gotten out and national distributors are already putting the SumoSprings into their 2010 catalogs.

TCM: Tell us about the cost and the warranty for SumoSprings.

Gerry: The MSRP for the SumoSpring Kit with brackets is $589.  Without brackets, the SumoSpring Kit is $289.  SumoSprings come with a three year warranty.

TCM: How has SuperSprings the company weathered our current economy?

Gerry: We’ve done exceptionally well this year.  We are fortunate to have a foot in both the RV and commercial truck markets including private and government truck fleets.  The commercial truck market has been up, while the RV market has been down.  We anticipated that and put a greater emphasis on the commercial truck market.  Now we’re hoping the RV market begins to pick back up.

TCM: Has your strategy changed moving forward?

Gerry: We’re just looking at needs within the suspension industry.  If we find a need, we fill it.  We’re out there looking at the industry at large and seeing where there have been issues.  For example, people love air bags, but they dislike the maintenance issues.  So, we imagined coming up with an air system that doesn’t require maintenance.  Looking forward, our continued vision is to keep finding niche markets in the suspension industry.

TCM: Is there anything we didn’t ask you that you want included with your interview?

Gerry: To improve the engineering of our SumoSprings Airless Airbags we incorporated video cameras under the chassis frame to film the product in action.  While viewing hours of film footage one of my colleagues Mark Jutson commented that our new springs looked like giant Sumo wrestlers in action.  Hence the name.

To learn more about SuperSprings and their products, go to

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