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TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2016 Lance 1062

Randy: We are using the Happijac Secure-Trac fixed frame slide mechanism in the dinette, and the Lippert Schwintek slide for the galley slide.  These are the same slide mechanisms we used for the 1052.

TCM: One of the key changes for the new 1062 is the 12-inch basement.  What’s the big deal about going to a 12-inch basement?  If you want more floor space and a bigger basement, why not build rail height?

Gary: There are many reasons not to build a rail height basement.  First, the center of gravity is moved higher raising the roll center of the truck’s handling.  Second is weight.  There is not a stock truck out there with the GVWR to safely carry a loaded and wet rail height truck camper.  To properly payload match a rail height truck camper, you need a Ford F550 or Ram 5500 cab and chassis with a custom bed installed.

Our goal is to build a camper for a stock truck with minimum suspension enhancement products.  We manufacture truck campers for someone who wants to buy a camper and use it as a weekend unit, and have their truck for the rest of the week.  We believe you shouldn’t need to change the brakes, axles, and tires to handle a modern truck camper.

Third, a rail height truck camper floor requires an additional three steps to get in and out of the camper.  Truck campers already require three or four steps.  To go to rail height, you’re talking about six or seven steps to get in and out of the camper.  We are trying to make our campers more mobility accessible, not less.

TCM: Did the size of the holding tanks change in the 1062?

Randy: They are still 45 gallons fresh, 27 gallons grey, and 22 gallons black, same as the outgoing 1052.  With the taller basement we were able to move the holding tanks forward and improve the drain flow by having the grey and black tanks nest together.


Above: The 2016 Lance 1062 accommodates two Group 27 batteries (left) and two 20 pound propane tanks (right) – click to enlarge

TCM: Are there any changes to the size and placement of the batteries or propane tanks in the 1062?

Randy: The size and placement of the batteries and propane tanks is the same.  The exterior battery compartment is located in the dinette slide, and the exterior propane compartment is located in the galley area.

Lance 1062 magnetic door holders

Above: Magnetic storage door latches (top center-left) are included on the 1062


Above: The 1062 exterior service center – click to enlarge

Gary: We added the exterior service center from the 975, 995, and 1172 to the new 1062.  Where the 1052 had an exterior mounted shower and dump valve access below the floor, the new 1062 has an enclosed and centralized compartment containing the exterior shower, dump valves, and battery disconnect.  This new service center makes dumping the tanks and winterizing much easier.


Above: The Torklift International Ultra Deck Plus option on the 1062 – click to enlarge

TCM: Are there any new options that are available for the 2016 Lance 1062?

Randy: One new option for the 1062 is the electric rear awning.  The Ultra Deck Plus or Lance Deck bumpers continue to be available for the 1062.

Lance 1062 electric rear awning

Above: The 1062 has an optional rear power awning

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