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2013 Adventurer 89RB

Greg: Yes, it is and we invite you to go build an 89RB in our Build Your Own system.

TCM: How did Truck Camper Magazine readers respond to the Build Your Own system announcement?

Greg: The response was record setting.  It was probably a fifty percent increase over our highest ever web traffic hit.  It was huge!

One guy went through a two month process who just recently made a purchase.  He built about twenty-five different camper configurations on the Build Your Own system.  He started off building an Eagle Cap 950, then an Adventurer 910, and then went to an Eagle Cap 1160.

He was supposed to put down a deposit, and then decided the Eagle Cap 995 was for him because he was comfortable using that camper with the truck he currently had.  He was able to make intelligent decisions by utilizing our Build Your Own system.

TCM: When we debuted the Build Your Own System in November, you were excited about possibly offering a Build Your Own system weight guarantee; a guarantee that the Adventurer Build Your Own system weight results would match the actual weight of an ordered camper.  Has there been any progress towards that goal?

Greg: I haven’t been able to pursue that yet, but I’m still excited about the idea.

TCM: Any developments for Eagle Cap since your 2013 Eagle Cap announcements mid-September?

Greg: We’re still not planning any new Eagle Cap models for 2013.  We’re sold out through June right now so we need to focus on production.  Production has already increased twenty percent since September.  There will probably be no new Eagle Cap models until 2014.

TCM: In your 2013 Adventurer announcements, you said there would be three new floor plans to announce in 2013.  The 89FB is one.  Can you tell us about the other two yet?

Greg: Stay tuned.  Adventurer is going to be building two new exciting floor plans in 2013 and we’ll share them exclusively in Truck Camper Magazine.

It’s not a new model, but we are going to build a limited edition 89RB from this first production run.  Actually, we’re only building one, so it’s a very limited edition.

For that camper, we are going to a new exterior graphics style and new exterior color, among other things.  It is going to be a unique and special unit that I will take to shows.  It will probably be at the Pleasanton, California show on January 11-21, 2013.  Come out to the show in Pleasanton and give me your feedback.

TCM: Anything else going on at Adventurer you would like to share?

Greg: Sales for both Adventurer and Eagle Cap are through the roof.  There was a twenty-seven percent increase in sales for Adventurer this year, and we project a thirty-two percent increase in 2013.

We are adding a new lamination machine to speed up production.  We also are putting lamination in a new building so that we have improved flow on the production lines to accommodate our increased production for 2013.

It’s exciting for Adventurer to see strong growth for Adventurer and Eagle Cap.  We actually had to stop production of the 2013 retail motorhomes because of the increase of truck camper sales.

For more information on the Adventurer 89RB and other Adventurer campers, visit their website at



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