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2012 Travel Lite 770 Super Lite

Dustin: The Travel Lite 770 Super Lite is the first camper in a new series of Super Lite campers that we’re already looking to expand.  My dad, Larry Johns, said that we might undercut our other floor plans and I said, “Let the consumer decide”.  Dealers have already given us praise on the 770.  I’ve really fallen in love with how you step into it and you have a bathroom.  Then you get past the wall and you are able to take a full step into a spacious room.  It’s not narrow the whole way through.  It’s really open!

The 770 doesn’t fit into our current line.  It’s even got it’s own decal package with three-dimensional printed graphics.  It’s our first half-ton camper that’s built with an icebox and Porta-Potti.  This is also the first unit that’s really, truly flexible on short and long bed trucks.

TCM: What is the MSRP for the 770 Super Lite?

Dustin: Only $9,295!

TCM: That’s an aggressive price.  When can people expect to see the Travel Lite 770 at Travel Lite dealerships and RV shows?

Dustin: Thirty of our dealerships will have the 770 by July 4th.

TCM: Now you’re making news.  How’s Travel Lite doing?

Dustin: We’re having the best year we’ve ever had.  We’ve completed more units in the first months of 2011 than ever before.  The 770 model will help us gain even more market share.

TCM: Have you done any hiring recently?

Dustin: We’ve hired two additional sales people and increased production personnel by forty percent.  We came back on January 3rd in 2011 ready to rock and haven’t looked back since.  In 2011, we’ve had our highest production per week since 2004.  There’s no sign of us slowing down.  We’re continuing to sign a lot of new dealers and servicing new accounts.

To the people reading Truck Camper Magazine, check out  Please go to, “Contact Us” and give us any feedback you have.  Leave us a message.  I’d love to get a flood of emails and feedback on how we’re doing.

TCM: Is there anything else that you would like to add to your interview?

Dustin: Keep your eyes open for the upcoming Travel Lite Black Diamond!  Our all-new exclusive double-slide model. The interior and exterior look are going to be like nothing the truck camper world has ever seen before.  This unit will be built for the consumer out there who wants the most equipped, best looking truck camper on the market. Period.

TCM: There you go again Dustin, making news.  The Black Diamond project sounds very interesting.  You’ve certainly got our attention.  Keep us in the loop.

Dustin: I certainly will.



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