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TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2009 Hallmark K2

Matt: It was worth it just to give him a lot of $#!%.  Especially since he’s a pilot for million dollar jets.  He’s the personal pilot for Hensel Phelps Construction and flies Hawkers.

TCM: Hawkers yes.  Hallmark campers, not so much.  Is the K2 a new floorplan?

Matt: It’s based off a Guanella LX so the dinette and sink are the same size.

TCM: Tell us about the materials on the inside of the camper including cushion fabrics, floors, and counter / table tops.

Matt: The floor is a material called Plynyl.  It’s very high-end and totally waterproof.  Best of all, it’s snap-in and snap-out so it can be cleaned.  And it’s available in different colors.  Our counters are molded composite and the fabric options are the new fabrics we’re offering across the Hallmark line.  Carpet is standard in the K2, the Plynyl is optional.

K2 Hallmark InteriorCabinetry in the Hallmark K2Overhead cabinet Hallmark K2

TCM: What does the K2 weigh?

Matt: With the options loaded into my K2, it’s 1,420 pounds dry.  In the end, the K2 gained about 100 pounds over the standard Guanella LX.

TCM: What does the K2 cost, base price and with options?

Matt: The standard K2 is $18,000.  My K2 with all the options comes in at $24,000.  We’ll have information about what’s standard and what’s optional on our website soon.

TCM: How was the K2 received at the Colorado Sportsmen’s Expo last weekend?

Matt: Just like how dad and Randy were skeptical at first, we were skeptical about how it would be received.  The camper really came together.  Even Randy likes it now.  People were commenting that the K2 was a totally different camper with a different feel.  Mike Hastman came to work the show with us for a couple nights and said how fresh the camper was and how fun it was to be around it.  It’s nice that my first try at camper design didn’t blow up.

TCM: Is there anything else about the K2 that you want our readers to know?

Matt: More than anything, I am really happy about how everyone came on board to support me with the K2.  The crew really came together and the K2 really turned out well.  I’m really happy that everyone came together and supported me.

For more information about Hallmark and the new K2, visit their website at

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