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TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2009 Hallmark K2

Matt: Last year we started offering a forty-gallon L-tank, but most people don’t choose it.  My family needs it because Molly still uses water in the camper like she does in the house.  I’ve gotten her to be a little more conservative with her water use, but she’s still not that conservative.  The L-tank uses a little more storage under the step which most people don’t use anyway.  And it’s ten gallons more water.

TCM: Oh boy.  You may be sleeping on the sofa after this article runs.  And the battery capacity?

Matt: The K2 comes with two AGM 6-volt batteries, each which are good for 200 amp hours in series, so 400 amp hours on AGMs.  That’s plenty for most people.  You can put two more batteries behind the little door to the left of the entry door.

Hallmark K2 lightsHallmark K2 solarHallmark K2 Logo

TCM: What would a totally optioned out K2 have?

Matt: The two external boxes on the rear of the camper can hold a Honda eu2000 generator, or two extra twenty-pound gas bottles, or two additional AGM batteries each.  If you don’t have the Honda generator, you could actually have five twenty-pound gas bottles including the single on-board twenty-pound bottle.  Or you could have four additional AGM batteries, if you wanted.

The new Happijac wireless radio remote has an extra control to put out a slide-out.  We thought that could work with our power top.  It’s an option, but now you can put the K2 top up via wireless remote control.  When the K2 was inside, I actually left the building, shut the door, and the remote still worked until I was about fifty yards away.

The LED lighting is still an expensive option.  I even used LED lighting on the porch and utility lights.  The utility lights are connected on a three-position switch.  In the up position, the rear utility lights turn on when the reverse lights are engaged on the truck.  In the middle position, they’re off.  And in the down position they turn on from the camper.  We call these switches nuke switches because they look like a flip-up switch for a nuke.

TCM: With five twenty-pound bottles of gas on board and a nuke switch you could have called this camper the Bomb.

Matt: Exactly.

TCM: Any more options?

Matt: There’s another nuke switch to turn on an available 12-volt fresh water tank heater.  It works like an electric blanket to keep the tanks from freezing.  It draws about four amps but it’s worth it if you’re plugged-in to shore power.  The rear boxes are also expensive options but I’m working to get those prices down.

Another thing I did was raise the rear Happijac electric jacks to reduce the overhang and improve the departure angle.  The jacks are also easily unbolted and removed for quick disconnect.

My K2 also has solar panels and a Blue Sky solar charger with MPPG technology.  That’s the most efficient charging system for solar panels and helps to keep your batteries topped off.

Hallmark K2 kitchen with compressor refrigeratorHallmark Camper cassette toilet hiddenHallmark K2 cassette toilet access

TCM: Is the first K2 your camper?

Matt: It’s essentially my camper.  Dad and Randy could make me sell it, but the camper is also a template.  There are a lot of things we will do better on the next K2 down the line.  This K2 is a great show piece to show what Hallmark can do.  I don’t think that everyone will be on my wavelength about what options they want.  Everyone will want what they want.

TCM: Did you have to get new molds developed for the K2?

Matt: With the economy being where it is, we were not able to make new molds.  We used the molds for the Guanella LX.  We ended up trimming here and there, but it all worked out very well.

TCM: Are you using your carbon fiber roof on the K2?

Matt: Yes.  We use nothing but that roof now.  We made it standard.  After we began installing the carbon fiber roof our warranty and leak issues are gone and strength is through the roof.  My brother-in-law took my Hallmark Guanella with a carbon fiber roof through a TSA gate at thirty miles per hour.  He forgot the camper was on the truck.  After some gel coat and sanding, the roof looks and works like new.  The carbon fiber roof has exceeded our expectations.

TCM: I guess we’ve learned a lesson.  Don’t loan your camper to your brother-in-law.

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