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Northwood Manufacturing Presents Wolf Creek

TCM: Is the Fox Value Pack truly mandatory, or could a customer special order an Arctic Fox camper without it?

Doug: Based on the incredible value it is difficult to imagine a customer not wanting it.  However, if you called me and said I don’t want an air conditioner, or television antenna, or oven or electric jacks, we can delete those items for you.

TCM: Is there a mandatory options package for the Wolf Creek line?

Doug: There is no Fox Value Pack with the Wolf Creek campers.  They are pre-wired for electric jacks, so you could put on electric jacks.  They are pre-wired for a microwave, so you could put in a microwave.  Look at the weights of the options in the brochure and you can figure out the weight of the camper.

TCM: What is the MSRP for the Wolf Creek 850?

Doug: It all depends on options of course, but base retail is $20,400.

TCM: Is the warranty for the Wolf Creek line different than the Arctic Fox warranty?

Doug: There’s a one year full warranty on all Northwood truck campers.

TCM: Where can people see the Wolf Creek 850?

Doug: Right now the Wolf Creek 850’s are going to dealers in Montana, Idaho, Washington, California, Arizona, and Oregon.  They are currently being delivered to the majority of Arctic Fox dealers.

TCM: Is there anything we didn’t ask that you would like included with your interview?

Doug: At the Pleasanton RV Show, the truck campers were a magnet.  They were the strongest thing going.  What’s fun is that when people go to a RV show and look at hundreds of campers and then they come to me and say, “You have the nicest camper on the market”.  I enjoy hearing that.  It warms my heart.

TCM: Thank you Doug.  And good luck with your new Wolf Creek line.

Doug: You’re welcome.

For more information about Northwood, Arctic Fox campers, and Wolf Creek campers, visit

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