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Louisville 2012: CampLite, Northstar, Torklift, & Palomino


In a nutshell, the 2910 is a full-wall slide out Palomino hard-side truck camper with a wet bath.  The bronze and black exterior is the most distinguishing feature of the 2910, until you see the barrel roof.


When you’re inside the 2910 the ceiling is curved and looks like the inside of a cut-away barrel.  The barrel roof gives the 2910 a more open and spacious feel inside.  In particular, the curved wood ceiling beam in the cabover is a real show stopper.

We will have a complete article and more photography of the 2013 Palomino Maverick Max 2910 in the near future.  It’s certainly impressive at first blush.


2012 TCM Bowling Tournament: Palomino RV


Above: Ben Meloche, a Palomino Regional Sales Manager bowling – note the sandwich in his left hand


Representing Palomino RV for the 2012 TCM Bowling Tournament was Ben Meloche, Regional Sales Manager, Pat Hines, Regional Sales Manager, Mike Crane, Regional Sales Manager, and Adam Simonson, Regional Sales Manager.  Everyone in our bowling tournament bowled three frames.  Here are their scores from the three frame tournament:

Ben Meloche, Regional Sales ManagerTotal Score: 78
Pat Hines, Regional Sales ManagerTotal Score: 30
Mike Crane, Regional Sales ManagerTotal Score: 44
Adam Simonson, Regional Sales ManagerTotal Score: 10


Next: Part 2 Louisville News, and More Bowling!

Click here for Part 2 of our Louisville 2012 coverage that includes news from Travel Lite, Lance Campers, Rieco-Titan, Roadmaster, and the stunning edge-of-your-seat conclusion of the 2012 Truck Camper Magazine Bowling Tournament.


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