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Connecting the Videomic to the D5200 is a snap with the Nikon’s built in 1/8” microphone input jack, but getting the audio levels right was tricky.  I had foolishly hoped that the Nikon’s, “Auto Sensitivity” would work, but it distorted.

The answer was to test and set the microphone sensitivity in the Nikon menu for almost every new camera position.  The Nikon D5200 has a nice VU meter in the monitor while in Live View which helped, but it still took some trial and error to get the levels right.  Ideally the D5200 would have a headphone jack (like the D7100) but the articulating screen of the D5200 makes it a better camera for video.

I wouldn’t hesitate to use these three cameras; the Nikon D5200, Canon HFS100, and GoPro Hero2, on another project.  If the Nikon D5200 could silently and effectively focus on fast moving objects better (truck campers driving towards me on a road) I would shoot everything but the driving time lapse sequences with that camera.  For stills and video, the Nikon D5200 is incredible.

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