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TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2019 Cirrus 720

The 720 cabinetry is 100-percent light ply that we’re sourcing from Europe.  That will lighten up the weight of the cabinetry considerably.  It is important to note that the integrity of the build must come first, so you can only go so light.

Cirrus 720 Bathroom Door Open

The 720’s wet bath might be the most innovative design element we’ve seen in quite some time.  What’s the story behind the new wet bath?

Every year we send a nüCamp contingent to Europe to see what’s trending overseas.  That’s where we discovered the radius tambour door.

Cirrus 720 Entire Bathroom

The radius tambour door allows the 720 to have a much larger wet bath than would otherwise be possible; 20-percent larger to be exact.

Cirrus 720 Shower Head

Above: The shower nozzle and shelf in the Cirrus 720 wet bath

When you close the wet bath, you open up the living space inside the unit.  That has a big impact when you step into the unit.  We are very excited about the radius tambour door and the wet bath it made possible in the 720, not to mention the lighter series of Cirrus camper models to follow.

Cirrus 720 Bathroom Rolling Door

How did nüCamp go about testing the radius tambour door for long-term reliability?

Like the Alde system you reviewed, the radius tambour door is new in the United States, but it’s not new.  Radius tambour doors have been around for years and have been successfully implemented in European RVs for quite some time.

With respect to testing, a member of our team specializes in establishing relationships with foreign suppliers and testing their products for nüCamp.  The testing for the tambour was so successful that we’re implementing the door in our upcoming Avia trailer as well.

From our testing, the two most likely issues with the tambour door are denting the door or the door coming off its track.  Denting the door would take considerable force, which is possible for any door.  We will inventory replacement doors in case of that type of damage.

If the tambour door comes off its track, it’s easy to reset.  Most customers would probably reset the door themselves.  If not, we are available to help.

Cirrus 720 Fantastic Fan

Another neat facet of the 720’s wet bath is the Fantastic Fan located above the shower.  Depending on whether the tambour is closed to the wet bath or closed to the interior of the camper, the Fantastic Fan is either a fan for the main living area or the wet bath.  It’s effectively a two for one Fantastic Fan.

If you don’t get an air conditioner, you get a second Fantastic Fan in the cabover.  With the Fantastic Fan in the cabover pulling air in, and the Fantastic Fan above the shower pulling air out, it would create quite a breeze.  If you upgrade to the air conditioner, you still get the fan in the bathroom area.

That would be some serious ventilation. What’s the story behind the sump pump in the floor?

It was required for this layout by the RVIA (Recreational Vehicle Industry Association).

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