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2017 Truck Camper Magazine Reader Survey

Updated for 2017 with new questions and options, our annual reader survey is ready to go.  Please take a minute to complete the survey, and help us take TCM to the next level.  Thank you!

2017 Truck Camper Magazine Reader Survey

As you know from reading our 10 Year Anniversary Article, we continuously strive to improve our content, presentation, and overall value for you, our wonderful loyal readers.

We intently listen to your feedback at truck camper rallies and gatherings, pour through your emails, and intently study our Google Analytics looking for important readership trends.

By far the most influential source of feedback is our own annual reader survey.  Here we ask specific questions that tell us exactly what you want to read, what you like, and what you want changed.

This information goes on a list of things to accomplish that year.  For example, based on last year’s reader survey, we worked to improve both the quantity and the quality of our truck camper reviews in 2016.  We also built the Camper Chooser system, a functionality readers have been asking for since we published The Best Truck Camper in 2015.

Other requested survey items added in 2016 include the Find A Dealer Map, Used Camper section, and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).  You asked for these features and we got to work.

As you can see, your feedback is very important to us.  With that in mind, please take a few minutes to accurately complete our 2017 reader survey.  Every question is important, and gives us information about how we’re doing, and what we need to do to make TCM even better.

The 2017 reader survey is now closed.  To see the results of this year‘s survey, click here.  Thank you to all who participated this year.

Thank you for reading Truck Camper Magazine!


Gordon, Angela, and Harley White
Publisher, Editor, and Cat-In-Chief
Truck Camper Magazine

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