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2016 Ford Truck Camper Update Gallery


Above: The interior of the 2016 Ford 9.2 – click to enlarge

The big news about the 2016 Ford 8.6 is the new two-top face-to-face dinette.  This feature was first brought to our attention by a custom-ordered CampLite 8.6 we reviewed at D&H RV Center.  As you can see in our review, we were quite smitten with the two-top dinette concept; “2015 CampLite 8.6 Review”.


Above and below: The new two-top face-to-face dinette in the 2016 Ford 6.8.


Above: The two-top dinette is a truck camper feature whose time has finally arrived.

Every Ford truck camper, including the previously announced 8.6 and 6.8, has the same Lariat-look interior design aesthetic.  The upside to this is how upscale the materials and fabrics are.  The potential downside is that there are no other interior options should the Lariat-look fail to strike your fancy.  For those customers, LivinLite offers the CampLite camper line.


Above: The interior of the 2016 Ford 6.8 – click to enlarge


Above: The interior of the 2016 Ford 8.6 – click to enlarge

That’s all for now.  We will hold further comments until we see production campers in the flesh at a Ford truck camper dealership.  Then we’ll dive in and give one of these campers an in-depth review.

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