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The Best Truck Camper

Poor Fred.

The serious side of this made-up scenario is that it happens.  When you don’t carefully define what you need and want in a camper (or any product or service for that matter), it’s likely that you’ll get inappropriate advice.  Worse, you could get swayed into something that doesn’t fit your requirements or intended lifestyle.  Fortunately, you can avoid this potential pitfall by having the right “best camper” question ready.

Asking the Right “Best Camper” Question – For You

Go back to our imaginary RV Show, and Fred.  This time Fred asks us, “Who makes the best pop-up truck camper for a short-bed truck, with soft-side pop-up walls, and a wet bath?”

Now we’re talking!  Fred has successfully narrowed down the big choices.  Based on his specific question, we could recommend campers to Fred that fit his requirements.

After a few additional questions about Fred’s intended price target, weight target, and truck camping lifestyle, we could even make some specific make and model recommendations – perhaps even narrowing Fred’s choices down to the best truck camper, for Fred.

Getting to Your “Best Camper” Question

There are five questions that, once answered, will help you to ask the right “best camper” question.  Here are the questions:

1. Do you want a pop-up or a hard side truck camper?

2. Do you want a long bed or a short bed truck camper?

3. If you want a hard side camper, do you want a non-slide, single-slide, double-slide, or triple-slide floor plan?

4. If you want a pop-up camper, do you want hard-side pop-up walls, or soft-side pop-up walls?

5. Do you want a wet bath, dry bath, or no bath?

Once you have these five questions answered, you can put your answers together to get to the right “best camper” question – for you.

For example, Fred’s brother Ted might ask, “Who makes the best hard side truck camper, for a long bed truck, with three-slides, and a dry bath?”

Fred’s sister Jane might ask, “Who makes the best pop-up truck camper, for a short bed truck, with hard pop-up walls, and a wet bath?”

You get the idea.  It’s all about knowing what you need and want in a truck camper, and creating the right “best camper” question for those needs and wants.

But What If You’re Not Sure About What You Want?

If you need help making these choices, or want clarification on the differences, start by reading  Truck Camper Magazine’s Newbie Corner.  We also recommend visiting truck camper dealers to see and experience the differences between a pop-up and a hard side camper, a long bed and a short bed floor plan, and so forth.

Whatever you do, please do not attempt to ask about the “best camper” until you have your own “best camper” question ready.

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