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Maintaining Happijac Camper Jacks

We asked Don about the occasional ratcheting sound we hear from our Adventurer’s Happijac camper jacks.  He explained that the clutch inside the motor of a Happijac camper jack is designed to ratchet when it’s overloaded.  If this occurs, Don suggested rebalancing the camper with the other three jacks to relieve some of the weight off the ratcheting jack.  If it does not correct, call customer support for problem solving help.  If a leg has been bent from improper use, this ratcheting may occur.

What if our batteries die, or we lost the remote control for our electric Happijac camper jacks?  Don answered that you can always hand crank your electric jacks to get them to retract and lower (or raise) your truck camper.  To do this, remove the white cap on the camper jack leg covering the crank socket, and use the hand crank.  Push the lever down.  This disengages the motor by lifting the coupler off from the screw.  Manually cranking will bypass the motor and engages the gears directly.

Another issue that we’ve heard about is electric camper jack remote controls unintentionally triggering the jacks of other nearby camper jacks.  This has never been the case with Happijac wireless remotes.  Other manufacturers had this problem. Happijac electric remotes have unique addresses and programming sequences.  This eliminates the problem and avoids you accidentally raising or lowering your neighbor’s camper.

Happijac Camper Jack Maintenance

The electric jacks are comprised of two basic components, the motor head assembly and the jack leg.  These two components are separated with two screws on either side of the jack top, below the motor head assembly.  When removing the motor head assembly, there should be a coupler, a spring, and a washer.

Don told us that simply running your jacks on a regular basis will help to keep them in optimal condition.  For example, as you run your Happijac jacks up and down you are redistributing the lubrication along the screw.  Just that motion helps to keep the jacks running well.  Don added that, if you keep your camper on your truck, make sure that you run the jacks up and down twice a year to keep them lubricated.  You can also clean the outside of your camper jacks with soapy water and wax them to keep them looking like new.

There are some things that can be done in the field by the jack owner to maintain the jack.  After removing the motor head assembly, there are two beveled gears in the top.  Add white lithium grease, liberally, to the gears.

Happijac crank socket oilAnother maintenance item is to lubricate the manual crank socket.  Lubrication on the outer side of the socket shaft is necessary to reduce friction.  If your jack is newer, there is a hole inside the crank socket.  Position the hole down and drop some three-in-one light oil in the hole and rotate with the crank, repeat several times.  This will help keep that crank shaft lubricated and free turning.

The camper jack exterior paint is maintained by using automotive liquid wax to the painted surfaces at least twice a year.  This keeps the paint looking good and keeps the rock chip spots from rusting.  It also cleans up any rust stain that might be on the leg.  Don also recommended extending the camper jack leg all the way and applying automotive liquid wax to the inner and outer tubes of the jack.

If you get black residue coming out of your jacks, that’s okay, just wipe it off with a soapy rag.  It’s from the crank socket and happens after you oil your jacks.

Winterizing Your Happijac Camper Jacks

Don strongly recommended storing a truck camper with the weight off the jacks by using a support system under the camper to carry the weight of the camper.  He also suggested storing the jacks so that they are out of the rain, if possible.

If you experience problems with your motor drive assembly, Happijac also offers a repair service.  For $59.95, Happijac will service your motor head assembly and tighten the clutch back to factory specifications.  Call for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number.




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