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Four Wheel, Six Pac, and One Man

Tom: This has been the method of construction at Six-Pac since 1967 when the company was founded.  The company was started by a cabinetmaker who had some very good ideas on construction.  You’ll see Six-Pac campers from the 1970’s down in Baja, Mexico.  That’s a huge testimonial to the quality of our campers.  Sometimes the owners of those campers will come to the factory for repairs or refurbishing. It’s a good learning experience to see the older units.

TCM: The Six-Pac T100S looks like a special camper.  A hard side camper on a Ford Ranger, Toyota Tacoma, or Chevy S-10?  Is this for real?

Tom: It’s a fabulous camper built for mini-trucks.  In particular, it’s built for short bed mini-trucks.  It’s a simple old-school design and people love it.  It’s not self-contained which means it doesn’t have a bathroom or shower.  It does have a porta potty.

TCM: The other real stand out is the Delux 650 which is self-contained short-bed hard-side camper. Talk to us about this model.

Tom: The D650 is built for short bed ½ ton trucks.  It has an 82” footprint; therefore it’s easy to pull a trailer with it.  That’s the beauty of the D650.  It’s self contained, lighter, and designed for a true ½ ton short bed truck.  It opens many horizons.

TCM: What does it weigh?

Tom: You’re looking at 1,895 pounds dry.

TCM: Do you need any suspension modifications?

Tom: Yes, you need an upgrade with helper springs or airbags.

TCM: Other than selling through three Apache Camping Centers in the Northwest, you only sell factory direct.  What’s the thinking there?

Tom: Factory direct has worked well for Four Wheel because of the unique nature of the product.  It allows us to have control of our product and to keep in close contact with our customers and get better feedback.  Before we acquired the company, Six-Pac had a dealer network that was not treated well.  So we decided to go factory direct to stabilize the product and the company’s reputation.  We now have a few dealers that we stay in close contact with.

TCM: What are you bringing out to the Truck Camper Show in Ogallala this summer?

Tom: We’re bringing two of each brand.  For Four Wheel, we’re bringing the Hawk and Eagle.  For Six-Pac, we’re bringing the D650 and the T100S.

TCM: What’s your vision for the future of Four Wheel Campers and Six-Pac Campers?

Tom: My vision is to build an ever better product that addresses the needs of our customers.  And I’d also like to have higher production rates.  The demand is there.  We can’t supply the demand we have.  That’s why we’re starting a new line in Riverside.

TCM: Is there anything you would like to add to your interview that I didn’t ask you about?

Tom: In a nutshell, we use the best parts and components we can find to build the most reliable, lightest, easiest to use, durable off road camper on the market today – which is why Four Wheel Campers are found all over the world and in the most remote locations. We love making campers, and enjoy the huge variety of people and applications for our product.  This is undoubtedly the best job I could ever imagine. I’m incredibly fortunate to be here doing what I’m doing, and working with a great bunch of people at both factories.

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