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Important Truck Camping Tips

Off-Road Truck and Camper Trip Preparation

By being prepared, I was able to keep the refrigerator running and then replace the part when I came to a dealer later in the trip.   Similarly, I have replaced the electronic ignition for my water heater (a recommended spare part to carry) as well as the high and low temperature sensors for the tank.

Consider Camper Upgrades

You may also want to upgrade the systems in your camper as part of your long-term trip preparations.  For example, our camper came with Group 24 batteries.  These were fine when we could plug-in regularly, but did not hold enough charge for backcountry use.  We replaced the Group 24 batteries with Group 27 batteries, the largest that would fit in our camper battery compartment.

The Group 27 batteries provided almost half again as much power storage.  In addition, we replaced all of the incandescent bulbs in the camper with LED bulbs.  This put our power storage/consumption systems in a better balance.  This past summer we went over three weeks without plugging in and could have continued indefinitely without any problems (we were driving almost every day).

Final Tip: Use A Standard Packing List

I highly recommend creating a standard packing list for your truck and camper.  Think about every aspect of your trip and what you believe you will need.  Then put these items on your standard packing list, and use it.  As you travel, adjust and pare the list.

On the one hand, you don’t want to carry something you don’t need and won’t ever use, but on the other hand you don’t want to be missing an essential item when you need it most.  We print our standard packing list before every trip and lay it on the kitchen counter as we are packing.  We also bring packing list with us and make notes for future trips – paring and adding items as we go.

Ready To Go

With preparation, your long-term, long-distance, off-road, and off-the-grid adventures will be full of fun and adventure, not breakdowns and disappointments.  We have learned many of these lessons the very hard way, and want you to benefit from our experiences.

With these pointers, you’ll feel 100-percent more confident in your ability to go long, go far, and stay safe.  Two-track road?  You are ready.


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