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Important Truck Camping Tips

30 Ways To Prep Your Home for a Long-Term Trip

So much of this process is second nature to me as I have an antique pickup truck that gets put away every winter.  For a more complete discussion, there are many additional tips to leaving a car behind which are covered in an excellent article by Edmunds titled, “How to Prep Your Car for Long-Term Storage”.

Whatever you do, it’s important to leave a set of car keys with your trusted neighbors or home watching friends in case there’s a need to move your car in your absence.

30. Be a good neighbor

As you can see, you are relying on your trusted neighbor(s) or home-watching friends quite a bit to help keep your home safe and intervening in any disasters.

When they area away, we perform the same type of duties for our neighbors making home watching feel like a mutual benefit rather than an imposed burden.  Inviting them for a nice dinner before and after your trip will serve to reinforce the relationship and build your friendship.

Make a Leave Your House Check List

If the above list feels a bit overwhelming, it shouldn’t.  Most of these items (like turning off your house water) take seconds and will become instinctual every time you leave for a long trip.  Other items, like not hiding house keys, are just tips that you can immediately incorporate into your travel habits.

My strongest recommendation is to use this article to create a check list for your situation.  Use that list every time you leave or return from a trip to remind you what needs to be done, and then undone.  This is exactly what we do, and it works well.

The best part of the above recommendations is the peace of mind they’ll give you if you’re away from home.  No more worrying about water in the basement.  You’ll be free to enjoy the adventures of truck camping.

Editor’s Note: Thank you, Steve, for this very informative article.  With this article we asked our readers for their ideas.  Click here to read the suggestions from the readers about closing up your house for an extended trip.


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