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Texas Time Machine: Capri Camper Factory Tour

Like finally putting a face to a name, it’s always fascinating to meet an entire company and absorb their culture and spirit.  Yes, our core mission is to learn how a manufacturer builds truck campers, but there’s always at least as much information to be gathered by observing the office and production team over the course of several days.

The first word that comes to mind to describe the Capri production team is craftsmen.  Perhaps more than any production-line oriented company, the Capri team is made up of true-craftsmen who literally build individual truck campers from the ground up.

Capri campers start at Capri literally as a pile of yellow pine.  From there, the Capri team cuts, shapes, nails, and otherwise sculpts these truck campers into existence.  That craftsmanship really struck us.

The second word that comes to mind is camaraderie.  There is a palpable sense of shared mission at Capri.  While they’re constructing campers in two man build teams, they instantly help one another on different challenges.  Funny enough, there’s also a healthy competitive attitude between the teams – all to see who builds the best.

There will be some that see a company building classic truck campers using old school materials and techniques and dismiss Capri Campers as antiquated.  That would be a mistake.

While it’s undeniable that Capri’s manufacturing approach is decidedly classic, so is their product line.  Remember, this is a company that caters to folks who want an old-school, wood-frame, aluminum skinned truck camper – good old stick and tin.  They want something light and simple for a half-ton truck.  They love Capri’s retro classic aesthetic and vibe.  Quilted aluminum, in a choice of colors?  You bet!

If you want aluminum framing, lamination, and slide-outs, Capri isn’t for you.  However, if you long for something time-honored, with more than a hint of what truck campers were in their glory days, there may be a Capri in your future.

For more information on Capri Campers, visit their website at  Click here for a Capri brochure.


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