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Texas Time Machine: Capri Camper Factory Tour

In contrast, Capri Campers are produced by two man build teams who construct campers from start to completion at a single station.  In the above photo you can see two Capri Cowboy models being built by two of these two man build teams.

Capri Campers Working in Concert

In addition to the two man teams, the wood shop produces competed sidewalls, rear walls, roofs, and floor frames.  There’s also a Foreman who supervises the entire process, but he, too, is hands on building campers.

Capri Factory Stacked Wood

Framing wood starts in the Capri factory as 2×6 yellow pine lumber.  Along the back wall of the building we found a bulk delivery of the yellow pine lumber ready to be processed.

Capri Factory Cutting Wood

The team member in this photograph is Alvaro Alonso.  Alvaro has been with Capri Campers for decades and is the engine behind the Capri wood shop.  During production hours, he never stops measuring, cutting, and building Capri Camper frames.

Capri campers are framed in 2×2 and 2×4.  To begin the frame construction process, Alvaro checks the 2×6 lumber for quality (clean, straight, and whole) and then cuts the lumber to the required 2×2 and 2×4 dimensions.

Capri Campers Frame Jigs

Then Alvaro marks the boards for cutting using a series of jigs.  The jigs are essentially pre-measured frame beams for each Capri model.

Capri Factory Wood Ready To Assemble

Once the wood is marked with the jig dimensions, Alvaro brings it back to the table saw and cuts it again.  This process repeats until all of the required frame members are completed and ready to assemble into a roof, sidewall, interior wall, or floor.

Assembling Capri Camper Roof Frame

Here we see Alvaro assembling a roof’s frame from the cut lumber.  Note the tapered ends of the horizontal beams to allow water runoff.

Stacked Frames At Capri

Completed roofs, sidewalls, interior walls, and floors are stacked throughout the plant.

Capri Campers Outsourced Cabinetry

To further speed production, Capri outsources their interior cabinetry to a local Texas cabinet shop.  Once the cabinetry is inspected, it’s placed on the production floor with with the stacked camper frames.

Stacked Frames At Capri Camper

When the build teams begin a new Capri Camper, they pull from the frame stacks and completed cabinetry.  This allows Capri truck campers to come together quickly.

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