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Major Factory Updates at Adventurer Manufacturing

Auto Pac 300

Fresh out of the TigerSaw, cut lumber and aluminum needs to be bundled and distributed to different parts of the Adventurer plant.  To securely bundle the materials, a plastic strap greatly improves handling and organization.

AutoPac 300

To speed the process of strapping the materials processed by the TigerSaw and improve the tightness of the strapping, Adventurer selected the Auto Pac 300 arch strapper.  Based in Exton, Pennsylvania, PAC Strapping Products manufactures the Auto Pac 300 and sells industrial strapping products to companies across the globe.

The Auto Pac 300 is a marvel to watch in operation, or at least try to watch in operation.  Once Kenny placed the grouped materials on the Auto Pac 300 table, the strapping process was triggered by a foot switch.  In the blink of an eye, the strapping material emerges from the circumference of the Auto Pac 300 frame and bundles the materials.  I tried photographing the strapping mid-strap several times to no avail.  It’s that fast.

Adventurer Labels On Wood Organization

Once bundled, the labels from the TigerSaw are applied.  When these bundles are brought to the next station in the Adventurer Manufacturing facility, they’ll know exactly what they are, where they go, and what camper element they’re for.

Biesse Silco SK4

Not all lumber and wood materials entering the Adventurer Manufacturing facility are appropriate for the TigerSaw.  For larger panels (sheet goods) that fall outside of the TigerSaw’s core capabilities, Adventurer has selected the Biesse Silco SK4.  Founded in Italy in 1969, Biese Group are the pioneers in numeric control (CNC) wood processing.

Biesse Machine For Cutting Wood

The Biesse Silco SK4 is a cutting center with two blades and two complimentary pushing devices that move the product through programmed cutting actions.  The first blade pre-cuts the materials to improve the speed and quality of the final product.

Dave explained that the SK4 produced perfectly square tolerances, accuracy within a hundred thousandths of an inch, improved stack heights, and minimized material waste.  He also told us that Biesse sent a representative from Croatia (Mr. Dragon) to assemble the SK4 and train the Adventurer Manufacturing team for a week.

Biesse Silco Programming

While Dave took us through the features of the Silco SK4, team member Omar Jimenez operated the touchscreen and brought materials to the machine.  The SK4 is programmed for the number of required cuts, the grain pattern, and the moves required to rotate the material.  It’s fascinating to watch in action.

Parts Labeled For Adventurer Campers

When the process is completed, a label is printed and applied to the cut materials.  Once again the label includes the dimensions, run, model, and part number.

Dave stated that the efficiencies possible by the Biesse Silco SK4 have helped Adventurer Manufacturing to hold their camper material costs.  Even better, the SK4 will allow Adventurer to double the number units they can build.

Portacool Evaporative Cooler

Portacool For Humidity Control

Not all of Adventurer’s new equipment is high-tech. For example, Dave showed us an enormous evaporative cooling fan in the lamination building.  The Portacool is designed to keep the lamination room at an optimal 20 to 25-percent moisture level for Adventurer’s signature True Composite Construction (TCC) lamination process.

Most RV lamination facilities utilize overhead moisture misters to ensure proper moisture levels for the lamination process.  Dave stated that the problem with this approach is that moisture can get into the laminated parts.  With the portable Portacool, Adventurer was able to locate the unit to minimize that problem.

Adventurer Lamination Room

Adventurer has also updated the unloader and roll coater (shown above) in the lamination building.  Their process is designed to create a 100-percent adhesive coverage on their laminated components.  The adhesive itself is calculated to the exact gram.

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