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Northern Lite Factory Tour

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Sealtech systems work by drawing outside air into a camper through a roof vent and creating a positive interior pressure.  With every camper window tightly shut and the entrance door closed, the positive interior air pressure escapes through any imperfection in the camper’s external seals.  Soapy water is then sprayed onto the exterior seals.  If there’s a break in a seal, the break will immediately show up as bubbles in the exact place where the break is.  Once a seal break is found, it’s a quick fix that will save your camper.

Every Northern Lite truck camper undergoes a Sealtech test before leaving the factory.  During our visit, we observed Nathan install the Sealtech system, spray down the seals, and make a couple of minor seal repairs.  What this means is that Northern Lite can ship these campers with full confidence that there is no break in the seals.  Once the camper is in your possession, it’s up to you to maintain those seals.  If you do, your camper should last for many years in excellent condition.

While almost every other camper manufacturer has changed models, materials, and construction methods over the past three years, Northern Lite has stayed focused on what they do and how they do it.  Perhaps it’s this unwavering commitment to building a very specific type of truck camper in a very specific way that has steeled their company from the challenging economy.  Whatever the reason may be, Northern Lite was running at full speed to meet demand.  Go Northern Lite.

Speaking of full speed, we left Northern Lite having reached the furthest point from home on our tour.  After many months on the road, we were excited that the rest of our journey would bring us closer to home.  About three hours later, we were crossing back into the United States and charting our course to Pennsylvania.  If we drove directly from Kelowna, it would be just 2,766 miles.  Of course we still had three more stops in Kalispell, Montana and Salt Lake City, Utah.  So much for the direct route.

For more information about Northern Lite, visit their website at

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